Friday, August 30, 2013

The Sims FreePlay: Mystery Island Sudah Tersedia!

The Sims FreePlay: Mystery Island sudah tersedia di App Store/iTunes. Untuk pengguna iDevice/Android silahkan buka App Store/Play Store untuk mengunduhnya.

"Archaeologists have discovered a new island off the coast Sim Town. Let your Sims' live in paradise and inhabit a land full of treasures. Awaken tthe mystery of the monuments to unlock the power of the ancient world!"

What's New

  • ♦ Unlock the secrets of Mystery Island! Complete goals to repair the bridge leading to the mystical new island - the adventure begin at level 15.
  • ♦ Become an adventurous islander and build on premium house lots.
  • ♦ Experience island living in nautical style with all-new houseboats!
  • ♦ Restore for majestic ancient monuments, and utilies their powers for added bonuses.
  • ♦ Awaken the dormant volcano and unlock its treasures!
  • ♦ Harvest the all-new currency rewarding plant, the Simoleon Sprouts and Life Point Lotus.

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