Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Sims FreePlay Holiday Small Review (ENGLISH)

New Items

Bathroom (featured)


New I teractions

There are some new interactions on The Sims FreePlay Holiday, they are:
♦ Watch Thanksgiving Parade (TV) — Preteen, Teen, Adult.
♦ Admire Beautiful Skin (Dove Bathroom Vanity) — Teen, Adult.
♦ Dove Gentle Cleanse (Dove Bathtube) — Preteen, Teen, Adult.
♦ Dove Gentle Cleanse (Dove Shower) — Preteen, Teen, Adult.

New Recipes

Two new recipes have been added.
♦ Pumpkin Pie
Cost: 19 Simoleons
Length of cooking: 10 hours
You will earn 54 Simoleons and 1,200 XP by cooking this pie.
♦ Turkey
Cost: 19 Simoleon
Length of cooking: 4 jam
You will earn 54 Simoleons and 825 XP by cooking this meal.

Adopt a Toddler

Not only preteen or teenager Sims, you can now adopt a toddler by using the telephone. It will cost you $4.99 real money by adopting a toddler.

The Number of Maximum Sims

We were little surprised when we clicked the infant bed and it allow us to add a new baby while we reached the maximum Sims. When we were checked, the number of maximum sims has been enhanced. You can now add more Sims in your Sim Town.


For this time you will only receive "A Sim Town Thanksgiving". The quest ends on November 28. We need to wait until December 13 for new quest, "The Missing Xmas Elves" quest and December 29 for the "10... 9... 8..." quest.
And don't miss the FREE christmas gift starting December, 1.

Lot/Premade House Prices and Town Value

Little disappointed with the prices and the town values of premade houses. Some are more expensive, the empty lot for e.g. And some houses which will be built on premium residence. But some are cheaper, Scandinavian House for e.g. it will now cost you just 200 SPs for standard residence and 250 SPs for premium residence.
Two Story Mansion is now 1,450,000 Simoleons and will give you 619,000 Simoleons town value. Its price is no longer follow the number of houses that you have.

The Springs of Fortune Unlocked!

Want to build the Spring of Fortune but you have not reached level 40? Don't worry, you can build it NOW! It doesn't need level 40 anymore!
The Spring if Fortune is a monument in Mystery Island. It will able to increase your earning (XP and Simoleons) from The Riches of Tera & Flames of Wisdom which they gave randomly depends on its level.


While The Springs of Fortune unlocked, the requirement to unlock one of houseboats has been replaced. You need to reach The Springs of Fortune level 5 to unlock a houseboat.


We experienced two times force closing. We tried to reopen the app, it was just showed the welcome screen but crash happen again. We tried for a third time, it was successfully opened but it forced all sims to stop doing any action.


♦ Positive Things ♦
• With the new update we get the luxury branded items for free.
• Two new recipes produce more XP than the existing recipes with the same length of cook.
• More Sims, more fun, more Simoleons! They enhanced the maximum of Sims.
• Everyone will be happy to receive gifts. Starting December 1, you will receive a Christmas gifts.
• The Springs of Fortune doesn't need level 40 to be unlocked.
• You can now build the Scandinavian and Two Story Mansion with the low prices.

♦ Negative Things♦
• Some houses/lots more expensive
• Lower town value.
• Too long waiting for the next quests.
• The requirement to built a houseboat has been replaced.
• Crashes that sometime occur caused by ghost
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