Monday, January 27, 2014

The Sims FreePlay: Adulthood Quest (English)

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Please note that if you have not completed the Previous Quests yet, this quest will be added to the queue.

- Send a Sim to the Park, earn §25
- Rearrange Chess Board (8 hours), earn §100 and 960 XP from the action
- Hide in the Park Toilet (4 hours, but completes instantly)
- Bring a second Sim to the Park, earn §25
- Continue Playing Chess (4 hours), earn §50 and 480 XP from the action
- Ridicule another Sim (3 hours 12 minutes), earn §250 and 1,728 XP from the action
- Stare vacantly into the Park Fountain (1 day), earn §500 and 1,800 XP from the action
- Dance to Electronica in the Park; the boombox stereo is on the pier in the park (5 hours), earn §120 and 645 XP from the action
- Have 3 Sims in the Park, earn §25
- Complain to a Sim (1 minute), earn §25 and 30 XP from the action
- Mock another Sim (1 day), earn §750 and 1,800 XP from the action
- Grill Em All on the BBQ (6 hours 30 minutes (2 stars barbeque)), earn §50, and 709 XP from the action (at the sim own house)
- Call a Sim to the Swim Center, earn §75
- Use the Slide at the Swim Center (7 seconds), earn §10 and XP from the action
- Drink an Energy Drink at the Swim Center (30 minutes), earn 25 XP and 480 XP from the action
- Ridicule the Trophy Case (1 day), earn 1 LP and 1,800 XP from the action - Send a Sim Home, earn §25
- Watch the News (3 minutes (3 stars TV)), earn §50 and 33 XP from the action (at the sim own house)
- Confess to a Sim (30 minutes), earn §75 and 900 XP from the action
- Clean up Trash (at the park) (16 hours), earn §500 and 1,350 XP from the action
- Have 5 Sims dance to a Park Stereo (5 hours but completes immediately), earn 1 LP and 465 XP from the action.

By completing this quest within the indicated time, you will unlock the (not really) new stuff for adult Sims. (The stuff removed with the Teenagers update)

And congratulation! You can now age you teenager Sims into adult Sims!
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  1. Help. My sims will not Stare at the park fountain. I've tried pre teen , teen, adult and they all give the 'Cant Walk There' symbol. I've tried putting them in different places and giving the command and always the same result.

  2. Solved it. There was a stationary guy there waiting to start some other quest. I had to get that quest over to continue with the adulating quest. This of course delayed me and I didn't get the bonus at the end.....drat