Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Sims FreePlay: All Grown Up Update Available Now

What's New

♦ All Grown Up – By popular demand, age your Teens into Adults by completing the "Adulthood" quest at Level 19 and higher
♦ Meet the Grandparents – Grab your woolly cardigan and welcome Senior Sims into the family by completing the "Seniors" quest at Level 21 and higher
♦ Needle and Thread – Master the art of patch working with the all-new Quilting hobby and spoil the grandkids with an adorable handmade Teddy bear – available at Level 23 and higher from February 5
♦ Relax in Retirement – Make some new feathered friends and take up the new Bird Feeding Hobby to unlock your very own Pet Bird – available at Level 25 and higher from February 19
♦ Bingo Hall – Mosey on over with your friends for a round of lucky numbers and win the big Simoleon jackpot
♦ Do-It-Yourself – Renovate brand new house templates into your dream estate
♦ Cash In Your Pension – Live in style with all new décor for your grand old Sim

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  1. Min download the sims 3 buAT windows xp bisa gk yah dah nyari link kemana mana malah ada peringatan virus. plisss bantu ya min!!!!