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The Sims FreePlay All Grown Up Update First Review

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♦ All Grown Up – By popular demand, age your Teens into Adults by completing the "Adulthood" quest at Level 19 and higher
♦ Meet the Grandparents – Grab your woolly cardigan and welcome Senior Sims into the family by completing the "Seniors" quest at Level 21 and higher
♦ Needle and Thread – Master the art of patch working with the all-new Quilting hobby and spoil the grandkids with an adorable handmade Teddy bear – available at Level 23 and higher from February 5
♦ Relax in Retirement – Make some new feathered friends and take up the new Bird Feeding Hobby to unlock your very own Pet Bird – available at Level 25 and higher from February 19
♦ Bingo Hall – Mosey on over with your friends for a round of lucky numbers and win the big Simoleon jackpot
♦ Do-It-Yourself – Renovate brand new house templates into your dream estate
♦ Cash In Your Pension – Live in style with all new décor for your grand old Sim

Task Bar

- The Task/Goal bar is no longer scrolling and sliding between a task to another task. You need to tap the bar to know what the goals are.
- The Taks/Goal bar will now show you if there is/are new goal(s) available or how many active tasks that you have.

New User Interface

Item's Star Level

When you tap the item that your Sims will interact at, the screen will show you the star level. Item's star level are now not only showed in the home store section.

Car Dealer

Party Boat

Costume & Swim Store


When you tap the town icon on the Salon and Costume & Swim Store screen it will direct you to Mystery Island, not to main town/main island anymore.

New Premade Houses and Houseboats

Before we talk about new premade houses, we will tell you that "Premium Residence" name has changed to "Ocean View Residence".

♦ Premade Houses

There are 3 new premade houses; Renovator's Dream, Two Story Unfurnished House and Three Story Unfurnished House.
• Renovator's Dream's cost: 50 SP for Standard Residence and 100 SP for Ocean View Residence.
• Two Story Unfurnished House's cost: 300 SP for Standard Residence and 350 SP for Ocean View Residence.
• Three Story Unfurnished House's cost: 350 SP for Standard Residence and 400 SP for Ocean View Residence.

♦ Houseboats

There are 2 new houseboats; The Tiny Tightpocket (20 SP) and The Pint-sized Prince (65 SP). The Economic Houseboat (name) has changed to The Cavernous Cruises and The Premium Houseboat (name) has changed to The Royal Wavecutter.

New Venue

The Bingo Hall is the new brand venue coming with The Sims FreePlay All Grown Up update. The Bingo Hall gives Senior Sims a chance to win big Simoleon prizes for a period of time. Only Elder (Senior) Sims can play Bingo.
To build this venue you must first meet "Seniors" quest and level 21 at least. Click here for Seniors Quest guide.

Cloth Designing No Longer Gives "Extra" Simoleons & XP

Remember when your sims complete designing, you tap the exclamation sign above Sim's head and the bombs and lamps scrolling? Unfortunately, cloth designing (hobby) no longer give us "extra" Simoleons and XP. I think the reason why it has been removed because of The Bingo Hall existance. But don't worry, Fishing and Ghost Hunting hobby are still giving us extra Simoleons and XP.

Toddlers' Hibernate Interaction Has Removed

Now the toddlers have no "Hibernate" interaction on preeteen beds, teenager beds, and adult beds. The "Hibernate" interaction is only available on the toddler beds.


They give a very very LIMITED time and sometimes force us to skip tasks using LP. And like as the previous update (Ternagers), the quests delay within a certain time, not given immediately.
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