Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Sims FreePlay: Breakdancing Limited Time Prize (English)

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Once you collect all trophies from Salsa Dancing Hobby, FreePlay will offer you to get a limited time prize from Breakdancing hobby. You have a chance to claim the prize within 7 days. To get the prize, you have to buy the Breakdancing Boom Box you have been unlocked from Salsa Dancing Hobby. You can buy it from Promotion R Us shop. Do this hobby and collect all trophies (collectible items). But unfortunately, you can only buy one Breakdancing Boom Box. It means, the game only allowed a Sim to develop this hobby. You can't use multiple Sims to collect the trophies faster.


First Line
  • Top Rock. Reward : 25 Simoleon
  • Six Step. Reward : 60 Simoleon
  • Helicopter. Reward : 150 Simoleon

    You will be rewarded with 750 XP if you collect all first line trophies.

Second Line
  • Baby Freeze. Reward : 25 Simoleon
  • Hollow Back. Reward : 80 Simoleon
  • AIr Chair. Reward : 250 Simoleon

    You will be rewarded with 1,000 XP if you collect all second line trophies.

Third Line
  • 2000s. Reward : 50 Simoleon
  • Windwill. Reward : 100 Simoleon
  • Elbow Spinner. Reward : 275 Simoleon

    You will be rewarded with 1,500 XP if you collect all third line trophies.

Fourth Line
  • Headspin. Reward : 75 Simoleon
  • Air Flares : 200 Simoleon
  • One-Handed Chair Flare : 500 Simoleon

    You will be rewarded with 2,000 XP if you collect all fourth line trophies.


  • The Home DJ Booth
    By collecting all trophies within the indicated time, you will unlock The Home DJ Booth. You can buy it from the Home Store.

  • Themed Breakdancing Home Pack
    By collecting all trophies from this hobby (without limited time), you will unlock the "Themed Breakdancing Home Pack".

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