Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Sims FreePlay: Ringlets of Fire Quest (English)

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  • Talk to a Sim
    Tap another Sim and choose "Be Nice" (1 minute)
    Reward : 30 Simoleon, 10 XD
  • Spot Long Haired Sims on TV
    Tap TV and choose "Spot Long Haired Sims". (4 minutes - 3-star TV)
    Reward : 25 Simoleon, 50 XP
  • Email the Long Haired Celebrity Sims
    Tap computer then choose "Email Long Haired Sims". (1 minite 36 seconds - 3-star computer)
    Reward : 1 LP, 25 Simoleon, 30 XP
  • Buy a Fashion Studio
    You can buy the Fashion Studio in the Promotion R Us, in the "Hobbies" section.
    Reward : 15 Simoleon, 75 XP
  • Create 1 Fashion Design
    Place the Fashion Studio you have just bought. Then create a fashion using it. (How it's long depend on which interaction you choose)
    Reward : 1 LP, 25 Simoleon, 50 XP
  • Create a Complete Outfit Set
    Do Fashion designing hobby until one of outfit set unlocked. Tip: beside you doing this hobby to create fashions, you can also do randomize of getting these collectible items. Open the Hobbies screen, select Fashion Designer section and tap the dice button (it needs a lot of LPs). This task will complete until you unlock a set.

    1st set

    Reward : 1 LP, 25 Simoleon, 75 XP
  • Create All Four Sets of Outfits
    This time, you have to unlock 4 sets/outfits, all fashion
    Reward : 1 LP, 75 Simoleon,150 XP and 2nd long hair.
  • Create 2d Complete Outfit Set
    Before you do this task, open the Fashion Designer screen, tap "Start A New Collection" to start it again. Complete all outfits.
    Reward : 1 LP, 100 Simoleon, 200 XP and fifth long hair
  • Create 3rd Complete Outfit Set
    Do it again.
    Reward : 1 LP, 125 Simoleon, 250 XP and ninth long hair.
  • Create a 4th Complete Outfit Set
    Reward : 1 LP, 150 Simoleon, 200 XP and third long hair
  • Create a 5th Complete Outfit Set
    Reward : 125 Simoleon, 250 XP and seventh long hair.
  • Create a 6th Complete Outfit Set
    Reward : 1 LP, 150 Simoleon, 200 XP and fourth long hair.
  • Create a 7th Complete Outfit Set
    Reward : 125 Simoleon, 250 XP and sixth long hair.
  • Create an 8th Complete Outfit
    Reward : 175 Simoleon, 200 XP and first long hair.
  • Create a 9th Complete Outfit
    Reward : eight long hair.


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