Saturday, July 18, 2015

10 Awesome Fan-Made Houses You Can Download in The Sims 4 Today


Snag the coolest creations.

There are A LOT of amazing Simmers out there, and we always love to see the incredible creations you’ve made (and uploaded) to The Gallery in The Sims 4.
We pulled a bunch of the best houses together in one spot. Just click the link under each image to add them to your game.

Flying Dream Home is great for Sims not afraid of heights. 

Mega Mouser is adorable, and then you notice the food and water bowls and it’s double adorable. 

For Children 2 might look like eight houses, but it’s all on one lot! 

 Butterfly Effect is great so long as you don’t have a giant, lizard-shaped house nearby.

Mount Gnome-More isn’t actually a house, but… still. Look at it. 

The Gnome’s Treehouse is great for anyone who ever wanted to live in a treehouse (so everyone).

Modern Eco Zen House’s name does a good job of conveying how artsy this house is.

 Family Fun Water Park is about a million times more colorful than other parks on The Gallery.

Colorful Dream looks like it takes place on an alien planet, but nope! You can put it in your neighborhood.

 Future Retro mixes the best of the past with the best of the (possible?) future.
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