Friday, July 31, 2015

The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen: Q & A With SimGuruGraham

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Q: Will there be some models of dishwashers in the SP or just in the patch?
A: There is not a Cool Kitchen specific dishwasher.

Q: I know the main item is the ice cream maker, but are there other new appliances as decor (e.g. a decorative blender)?
A: That said, there's plenty of new kitchen clutter!

Q: Nardone, In Suff pack will have fryers?
A: Hi Luiz - no fryers, the new gameplay object for Cool Kitchen is the Ice Cream Machine.

Q: I wonder with the new Stuff Pack, If there's any new Fruits or Vegetables because of the Ice Cream Flavours? Thank you
A: No new harvestables in Cool Kitchen, though you're sure to find a variety of fruity flavors.

Q: Will Ice Cream making be a skill? Or be part of another skill? Thanks
A: You unlock more ice cream recipes via the Cooking skill.

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