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The Sims FreePlay: Nanny Knows Best Quest (Bahasa)

Untuk memulai quest ini, kalian harus temui Pengasuh bayi Williams di taman, tap Simnya dan tap tombol Begin Quest. Kamu akan diberi waktu seminggu untuk menyelesaikan quest ini untuk mendapatkan hadiah limitednya. Apabila kamu tidak menyelesaikan quest ini dalam seminggu, hadiah limited akan expired dan quest masih bisa dilanjutkan.
  • Meet the Nanny
    Tap Nanny Williams dan pilih "Meet Nanny" - 1 menit.
    Reward: 5 Simoleons
  • Rant to Nanny Williams
    Tap Nanny Williams dan pilih "Rant!" - 15 menit.
    Reward: 16 Simoleons
  • Send a Sim to and Infant's Home
    Untuk menyelesaikan tugas ini, kalian harus mempunyai Sim infant atau bayi. Pergi ke rumah di mana terdapat Sim infant.
    Reward: 5 Simoleons
  • Pick Up an Infant
    Pilih sim dewasa lalu klik Sim infant dan pilih "Pick Up Infant" - 8 detik.
    Reward: 5 Simoleons
  • Relax With an Infant on a Couch.
    Tap sofa dan pilih "Relax with Infant" - 15 jam (Sofa bintang 3).
    Reward: 684 Simoleons
  • Let an Infant Crawl.
    Pilih Sim yang menggendong Sim infant, Tap bayinya dan pilih "Let Infant Crawl" - 3 detik.
    Reward: 5 Simoleon
  • Make an infant Crawl
    Pilih Sim infantnya tap lantainya di mana pun untuk membuatnya merangkah, sama seperti cara kita membuat Sim berjalan ke suatu tempat.
    Reward: 5 Simoleons
  • Follow Obsessively
    Pilih Sim dewasa, tap Sim bayi dan pilih "Follow Obsessively" - 6 jam 30 menit
    Reward: 282 Simoleons
  • Clean Infant's Mess
    Tap tong sampah yang ada di depan rumah, dan pilih "Clean Infant's Mess" - 12 jam 30 menit.
    Reward: 501 Simoleons
  • Wash Garbage Off Hands
    Tap wastafel dan pilih "Wash Garbage Off Hands" - 2 jam 50 menit (Sink bintang 3)
    Reward: 159 Simoleons
  • Ask Nanny for Help
    Tap Nanny Williams dan pilih "Ask for Help" - 5 jam
    Reward: 242 Simoleons
  • Cry to be Picked Up
    Pertama pilih Sim bayi, tapi Sim dewasa dan pilih "Cry for Sim" - 3 detik
    Reward: 5 Simoleons
  • Rock to Sleep
    Pilih Sim yang menggendong Sim infant, tap ranjang bayi dan pilih "Rock to Sleep" - 19 jam (Crib bintang 3)
    Reward: 821 Simoleons
  • Check Simbook
    Tap komputer dan pilih "Check Simbook" - 2 jam 20 menit (komputer bintang 3)
    Reward: 116 Simoleons
  • Pick Up Infant
    Tap Sim infant yang sudah di crib tadi lalu pilih "Pick Up Infant" - 8 detik
    Reward: 5 Simoleons
  • Buy a Highchair
    Kalian bisa membeli Highchair dari Home Store di bagian Infant.
    Reward: 5 Simoleons
  • Place Infant In Highchair
    Pilih Sim yang sedang menggendong bayi, tap Highchair dan pilih "Put Infant in Highchair - 5 detik
    Reward: 5 Simoleons
  • Search for Soft Food in Refrigerator
    Tap kulkas dan pilih "Search for Soft Food" - 8 jam 30 menit (kulkas bintang 3)
    Reward: 432 Simoleons
  • Play with Food
    Pilih Sim infant yang sedang duduk di highchair, tap dia lagi dan pilih "Play with Food" - 9 jam 30 menit
    Reward: 396 Simoleons
  • Ask the Nanny Where She Went
    Tap Nanny Williams dan pilih "Ask Where She Went" - 15 menit.
    Reward: 16 Simoleon
  • Feed Soft Food
    Tap Sim bayi dan pilig "Feed Soft Food" - 2 jam 30 menit.
    Reward: 116 Simoleon
  • Post Photo on Simbook
    Tap komputer dan pilih "Post Photo to Simbook" - 13 jam (komputer bintang 3).
    Reward: 627 Simoleon
  • Ask Nanny Williams to Help a Friend
    Tap Nanny Williams dan pilih "Ask to Help Friend" - 3 jam 30 menit.
    Reward: 159 Simoleon
  • Hug the nanny Goodbye
    Tap Nanny Williams, pilih "Hug Goodbye" - 3 jam 30 menit.
    Reward: 159 Simoleon



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Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Sims 4 Expansion Pack Survey!

Official survey from EA/Maxis (August 2015)

You are now going to see some potential themes for future The Sims 4 expansion packs.
On the Road – Get behind the wheel of different vehicles including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Fix up old cars, build a hotrod, or jump on your ride and explore a number of unique tourist destinations.
University – Send your Sims off to University! Explore the University campus and decide whether your Sims are going to study to ace their exams or spend their days partying it up. Sims can also pledge fraternities and sororities and try to become members of these prestigious organizations.
Generations – It’s time to raise a family! Raise your children from babies into toddlers. Watch as your children grow into moody pre-teens and help them overcome the tribulations of youth. Create a Sims family dynasty that will last forever.
Get Real – Its time to become a reality star! Join the cast of Sliced n’ Diced to compete against other chefs, Finding 7 Love to become the most desired bachelor/bachelorette, or Runway Takeoff to become a fashion design star.
Find Love – Find true love in the Sims 4! Meet your date on SimMatch, take your date to romantic getaway spots, build up your romantic reputation, and have the wedding of your dreams!
Metropolis – Move into a bustling, modern city! Live in new apartments and penthouses, eat at food carts and shop at street markets, and immerse your Sims in the different cultures of the city by exploring the many diverse neighborhoods.
Power Up – Turn your Sims into superheroes! Use powers like mind reading, telekinesis, and teleportation. I I Learn new powers at the Super Hero Academy and use them to make the world a better place or terrorize the population.
Rebuild – The apocalypse has struck The Sims 4! Explore abandoned neighborhoods and rescue survivors, rebuild your town into a thriving community, and fight off zombies to protect your new town.
Back to School – Take your Sims to school! Have your child and teen Sims participate in school activities including classes, dances, and student government elections or become a teacher with the new Teacher active career!
Get Famous – It’s time to get internet famous! Start a band, play pranks on your friends, give Sims stylish makeovers and broadcast it all on SimTube to gain fans and get famous.
Vacation – Take your Sims on vacation! Head to Mt. Wright for fun winter getaway with ice skating, sledding, and snowboarding, and mysterious ice caves. Or head to Isla Cordinda to soak up the sun and build sand castles, surf the waves, and uncover ancient tombs.

The Sims 4 Find Love

Love is in the air in The Sims 4! Find your Sim’s soulmate with the new dating app SimMatch, then head to one of the new romantic getaway spots for the perfect date. Build your romantic reputation as a loyal companion or the town heartbreaker, and enjoy the ultimate wedding celebration, complete with bachelor & bachelorette parties and exclusive food and decor.
  • SimMatch Dating App: Help your Sims find their soulmate or a fun fling for the night with the new SimMatch app. Pick out the perfect selfie, fill out their profile, and decide how honest your Sims want to be.
  • Romantic Getaway Locations: Take your Sims out for the perfect date at one of the new romantic getaway locations including a cozy bed and breakfast or the swanky eco-lounge.
  • Romantic Reputation: Build up your romantic reputation as you go out on dates with different Sims. Will you be known as a loyal companion or the town heartbreaker? Your reputation will determine how Sims in the world react to you and earn you unique romance rewards.
  • Ultimate Wedding: Live out your Sims’ wedding fantasies and have the ultimate bachelor or bachelorette party, select and customize the perfect wedding party, and spruce things up with exclusive wedding food and decor.

The Sims 4 Vacation

It’s time to take your Sims on vacation! Head to one of two new exciting locations with unique activities and weather. Travel to the peaks of Mt. Wright for some winter fun where you can go ice skating, sledding, snowboarding, and explore the mysterious ice caves. Or head to Isla Cordinda to soak up the sun, build sand castles, surf the waves, and uncover through the ancient tombs.
  • Summer Vacation: Experience the best of summer at an island getaway, with sand castles, surfing, and delicious island food and drinks.
  • Winter Getaway: Enjoy a winter wonderland with a snowy mountain vacation. Go snowboarding, sledding, make snowmen, or hit the lake for some ice skating!
  • Explore Ancient Locations: Explore ancient tombs in the jungle, or avoiding deadly traps and yetis.
  • Winter & Summer Seasons: Bring the weather home with you. Experience the warm days of summer or magical snowfall in your home town!

The Sims 4 On the Road

Jump behind the wheel and travel the country with your Sims! Choose from a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and even motorcycles. Make a living fixing up old cars, or building the perfect hot rod. Jump on your ride and explore the world by visiting a number of unique tourist destinations.
  • New Vehicles: Your Sims can now choose from a variety of vehicles to own and drive including cars, trucks, and even motorcycles.
  • Build A Garage: Build a brand new garage where you can work on your vehicles and display them for all to see.
  • Become A Mechanic: Fix up, customize, and build new cars with the new Mechanic active career.
  • Visit Tourist Destinations: Take your ride on the road to visit tourist destinations like the Grand Sims Canyon, the World’s Largest Ball of Twine, or the Secret Mystery Spot.

The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen Preview By SimCookie

How The Ice Machine Works??

Les Sims 4 en cuisine

First you must make a "ice preparation kit" once completed you will have the opportunity to choose the taste of ice cream, here are the different flavors available, some can affect the mood of your Sim and give it a moodlet .

List of the taste:
  • Vanilla
  • Pistachio
  • Chocolate
  • Lemon
  • Pure Perfection
  • Orange
  • Weight of the World (Affects the weight of your Sim)
  • Mint with chocolate shine
  • Bacio cholato
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Two pink (flirtatious makes your Sim)
  • Frozen liqueur
  • Mango
  • Mint haunted (Makes your sad Sim)
  • Banana
  • Blue Moon
  • Metal
  • Concerns plants
  • Fruit of the forest
  • Pecan nuts
  • Frozen Amarena
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Two pink (flirtatious makes your Sim)
  • Frozen liqueur
  • Mango
  • Mint haunted
  • Banana
  • Blue Moon
  • Metal
  • Concerns plants
  • Fruit of the forest
  • Pecan nuts
  • Frozen Amarena
  • Sorbet rainbow sky
  • Respirator dragon
  • Chilling

The Sims 4 Get Together Interviewed By IGN

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The Sims 4: New Patch! 06/08/2015

Update: 08/06/2015 – PC Version / Mac Version


Happy August everyone! Summer heat abounds, ice cream is afoot, and it’s patch day!

We are days away from Cool Kitchen Stuff, and delivering frozen treats to Sims of all ages! And what could be better than bowls and bowls of half-eaten, melted ice cream littering the counters and tabletops of your Sims? Ice cream cones of course! …and maybe a dishwasher to help clean up the place.

So, you said Dishwashers?

Indeed, found within the Kitchen Appliances sort, or by searching for “dishwasher”, you can add to your Sims home an appliance made for the sole purpose of washing your dishes – a Dishwasher!
The dishwasher is slotted easily within your already manicured homes into any non-island counter.
Scrubbing at the sink is for the powerless!

Did you fix my issue?

I hope that we did, but if we didn’t please let us know. Here are the issues we did look into however… 


  • Mail will now arrive at your residence even if you are not there! No more lost packages… stolen by some hunger-need-failing Sim looking for the tart of the month package delivery. No, now your mail will safely arrive to your home… even when you aren’t there.
    • The hunger-need-failing Sim is ok, he’ll probably just grab a bite from your fridge.
  • Male eye colors – alligator green, gray-green, deep blue, dark grey, purple – will now properly save on male Sims both while in Create a Sim, and after exiting.
  • Original by creator lot information will no longer be lost when a downloaded lot is modified via manage worlds and then re-uploaded to the Gallery.
  • We fixed the issue that caused several lots to display black/missing textures as a result of overlapping roofs (most noticeable in complex roof creations, and sometimes would cause roof objects to also appear incorrectly in shadow).
    • We hope to see your beautiful structures continue to enhance the Gallery.
  • Searching hashtags in the Gallery will no longer reset the advanced filter settings. Search away searchlings… search away.
  • Randomly placed poles at the park near Rippling Flats are no longer randomly placed, but instead have been purposefully removed, and will be thoughtfully considered before we once again decidedly place them in any future location.
  • Alien ears will no longer change in size or shape as the Sim ages up.
    • …outside of the normal “I aged up so my heads bigger” type of size and shape changes.
  • Using the interaction “Send Neighbors Home” will now properly end the Welcome Wagon event, and send the neighbors home.
  • Turns out, in the code, all non-played Sims are considered ready to age up at any time. Which means, whenever the code would say “I want to start an NPC hosted birthday party. Is there anyone available to host it?” The answer was always yes. Oddly enough, it also turns out that this was causing players non-played Sims to age up quite often if the player went to the birthday parties they were invited to. We’ve fixed the availability for non-played Sims to host their own birthday party to properly check against their age.
  • Cereal is no longer grungy looking and unappetizing, but is now vibrant, colorful, and quite appetizing. And as a cereal lover of many varieties… I have to say I agree with the vibrancy.
  • Custom music tracks will no longer choose to play silently for no apparent reason when listening to them on the stereo.
    • However, I have to wonder if it was just the game deciding it didn’t like a particular track.
  • Sims shadow detail once again includes extremities and not just an odd blob beneath their feet. Because Sims are more than just blobs to us… they are arms, legs, and the whole package.
    • *sniff* bring it in here big guy… I’m feeling a hug coming on.
  • Sims will no longer reset when attempting to clean up spoiled food in their inventory while in a hot tub or pool… because it’s completely normal to carry spoiled food in your pockets when you go swimming.
    • You don’t mind if I respectfully decline that pool party you were inviting me to, do you?
Luxury Party
  • Sims will no longer reset when attempting to resume eating a garnished chocolate covered strawberry, caramel covered apple, or cheese dipper. Great… now I’m hungry.
Perfect Patio
  • Sims who are cuddling in a Hot Tub, will no longer leave their intimate positions to awkwardly ask to woohoo from a friendlier position, only to get back to cuddling before then secretly slipping beneath the jets.
  • Applying the hair best described as ‘Swept Frosted Black’ to a child Sim will now actually give the child black hair… and not some other randomly selected hair color.
Spa Day
  • Note the following tuning Change: Teleportation from stools has been moved from level 5, to level 7.
Get to Work
  • We fixed an issue in which…. before we continue, I feel that I must legally ask that you take a moment to stretch your facial muscles. Do some warmups (ah-oh’s, face pops), really get ready. Ok? Ok, let’s continue…
    • Restocking a multi-object (like the drink tray) while a 3rd object (like a chair slotted into a table) was blocking the restocking, was resulting in a partial object restocking but a full charge for the restocking. Restocking should now fully restock an object, whether or not another object was blocking the restocking.

May you always find ice cream when you seek it, garnish when you need it, and toppings for all your flavors,


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack is Coming November 2015

Live It Up In Windenburg!

Your Sims’ wanderlust is at a fever pitch. They want to go somewhere totally different – a place where they can make new friends, see new sights, and have new experiences. They want to bust a move at a secret dance party at the Ancient Ruins. They want to enjoy a delicious espresso in a swanky CafĂ©. They want to live it up like they never could before. They want something... new. And soon, they’ll get just that.

We’re excited to announce that The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack* releases worldwide this November! Here’s the first trailer, giving just a taste of what it has to offer.

The Sims 4 Get Together introduces Windenburg, a European-inspired World with a mix of vibrant modern architecture, classic buildings and styles. From the charming countryside, to the bustling town square and luxurious island, Windenburg is filled with new things for your Sims to see and do.

But you’re not going to be exploring these new sights alone. As the name suggests, Get Together is all about your Sim having fun with their friends, whether they’re leading their own exclusive Clubs or exploring Windenburg.

Your Sims will be able to join different Clubs, each with their own interests, personalities, and styles. They have defined behaviours that dictate how they tend to act, including how they treat other Sims, and what they do or don't like to do. There will be a variety of Clubs waiting for your Sims when you first load up the expansion pack, but you’re also able to create and customize your own. You can set their requirements, decide what behaviours they have, choose their preferred hang outs, and even give them distinct rewards.

Hanging out with groups of friends makes Get Together feel truly unique. Your Sim’s in-game friends will act a lot like your real ones – whether you’re going for a dip in the Natural Pools along the bluffs or just lounging around in the pub, groups will engage in new, exciting ways. Your Sim can take on their friends in a game of foosball, or try on outfits together with the all-new Walk-in Closet. They’ll hang out and share experiences together in fun, new ways.

Your Sims will also be able to level up Dancing and DJing skills, both of which should make for even more energetic gatherings. Pump up the crowd by creating the perfect mix on the DJ booth, or start busting out some new dance moves in an Underground Disco.

We can’t wait to start going into more details on what makes this expansion pack special. Expect to hear more in early October, and get ready to explore Windenburg this holiday season when The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack releases!

The Sims 4 Get Together: New Screenshots

The Sims 4 Get Together: Official Trailer

Coming November 2015

The Sims 4 New Expansion Pack Called "Get Together" me-reveal suatu gambar. Namun, gambar tersebut hanya di posting beberapa saat kemudian di delete.

Gambar ini diambil oleh salah satu admin SimsVIP

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Watch EA Press Conference At Gamescom 2015 Live! 5/08/15 15:00

Untuk The Sims sendiri, akan tampil pada hari Jumat Pukul 15:50 CET atau sekitar pukul 22:00 WIB
Untuk info lebih lengkap mengenai rundown acara EA Press Conference bisa di klik disini

Watch live video from EADE on

Cara Mengekspor Bangunan dan Sims

Jika kamu sudah mengupload kreasimu ( Sims atau Bangunan ) ke Gallery, sudahkah kamu mencoba  mengupload / mengekspor kreasimu ke selain Gallery? Semua keluarga dan bangunan yang ada di gamemu ada di Tray folder: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray.

  • Setiap keluarga memiliki sedikitnya lima file dengan ekspansi 1x .HOUSEHOLDBINARY, 1x .TRAYITEM, 2x .SGI, 1x .HHI (jika ada lebih dari satu sims dalam keluarga, maka jumlah file meningkat: masing-masing sim menambahkan satu file .SGI )
  •  Setiap bangunan memiliki setidaknya enam file dengan ekspansi 1x .BLUEPRINT,  4x .BPI, 1x .TRAYITEM (selain jika bangunan memiliki lebih dari satu lantai, jumlah file yang sudah lebih dari enam: setiap lantai menambahkan satu file .BPI) . 
  • Setiap ruangan memiliki empat file: 1x .room, 2x .midi, 1x .TRAYITEM. 

File dari satu keluarga atau satu lot memiliki nama yang sama dan hanya berbeda dalam ekspansi sehingga, sebaiknya diurutkan dalam folder Tray berdasarkan tanggal perubahan.

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The Sims 4 Cheats

Cara menggunakan cheat adalah dengan menggunakan command console dengan menekan CTRL + SHIFT + C , ketika tidak digunakan, sembunyikan cheat console dengan menekan ESC. Kebanyakkan cheat memerlukan testingcheats true. Jadi, lebih baik gunakan sebelum menggunakan perintah yang lain

! Setiap kamu travel, maka game akan otomatis menjadi testingcheats false. Setiap kali kamu melihat loading screen, maka kamu harus mengaktifkan lagi testingcheats true kembali sebelum menggunakan perintah yang lain.


Dari table di bawah adalah perinath cheat "resmi" yang di rilis oleh Electronic Arts dan The Sims Studio

bb.enablefreebuildMemungkinkan pemain dapat mengubah suatu Locked/Hidden Lots dalam bentuk Build/Buy mode.
bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlementMembuka semua objek build/buy mode yang terkunci.
bb.moveobjectsMembuat suatu objek dapat diletakkan dimana saja. Tekan 9 dan 0 untuk mengatur ketinggian dari objek yang dipilih.
bb.showhiddenobjectsSetelah mengetik "debug" pada kolom pencarian dalam Buy mode untuk menampilkan hidden objects.
cas.fulleditmodeMemungkinkan untuk mengedit Sims yang sudah ada di dalam CAS. Termasuk traits, nama, dan pakaian.
casclockspeed 0.1-??Memperlambat dan mempercepat aksi Sim di dalam CAS.
death.toggle {true/false}Gunakan "false" untuk mencegah Sims dari kematian.
freerealestate {on/off}Sebelum memilih sebuah rumah untuk memindahkan Sims kamu, gunakan cheat ini untuk membuka semua rumah, termasuk yang tidak mampu dibeli.
fullscreenMembuat mode Full screen The Sims 4 ON atau OFF.
headlineeffects {on/off}Menyembunyikan efek headline termasuk plumbobs, nama Sim/Tanaman, dan juga balon percakapan.
helpMenampilkan semua daftar perintah yang ada di command console.
kaching atau rosebudMenambahkan §1000 Simoleons ke dalam household kamu.
motherlodeMenambahkan §50,000 Simoleons ke dalam household kamu.
resetSim {NamaAwal} {NamaBelakang}Jika Sim kamu beku atau mengalami kecacatan, cheat ini akan mereset Sim ke keadaan semula.
sims.give_satisfaction_points {#}Memberikan poin satisfaction,dimana {#} adalah jumlah poin yang akan di tambahkan.


Cheat yang tidak dirilis oleh Electronic Arts dan The Sims Studio

Mendapatkan ID Sim

Beberapa cheat membutuhkan ID dari Sim daripada menggunakan Nama Depan dan Belakangnya. Gunakan cheat ini untuk mendapatkan ID dari Sim. ID terdiri dari deretan angka yang panjang.

sims.get_sim_id_by_name {NamaAwal} {NamaBelakang}Menampilkan nomor identitas dari Sim kamu,yang mana dibutuhkan untuk beberapa cheat.


aspirations.complete_current_milestoneMenyelesaikan aspirasi dari Sim dan mendapatkan satisfaction points yang sesuai dengan aspirasinya.
sims.add_buff Points (diikuti dengan) sims.remove_buff PointsMenambahkan 100 satisfaction points. Kedua cheat harus digunakan secara bergantian untuk menambahkan lebih banyak satisfaction points.


careers.add_career {NamaKarir}Menambahkan karir ke Sim yang dipilih.
careers.demote {NamaKarir}Menurunkan satu level dari karir Sim.Catatan, jika karir ada di level pertama maka akan dipecat/keluar.
careers.promote GradeschoolMeningkatkan Child's Grade Performance.
careers.promote HighschoolMeningkatkan Teen's Grade Performance.
careers.promote {NamaKarir}Mempromosikan satu level dari karir Sim.
careers.remove_career {NamaKarir}Menghilangkan karir dari Sim yang dipilih.


sims.add_buff buff_death_electrocution_warningMenambahkan sebuah buff peringatan kematian (Dazed). Mati karena listrik apabila Sim memperbaiki barang elektronik setelah menerima buff ini.
sims.add_buff buff_death_elderexhaustion_warningMati dengan seketika karena Overexertion (Elder).
sims.add_buff buff_mortifiedMati seketika karena Embarrassment.
sims.add_buff buff_motives_hunger_starvingMenambahkan sebuah buff peringatan karena lapar. Sim akan mati ketika tidak makan selama 24 jam setelah menerima buff ini.
sims.add_buff GhostlyMengubah Sim menjadi hantu untuk sementara.


Sims.add_buff {TipeBuff}Menambahkan buff emosi.
Sims.remove_all_buffsMereset Sim ke keadaan Fine (menghilangkan semua buff).
Sims.remove_buff {TipeBuff}Menghilangkan sebuah buff.

AngrySocial_Angry, e_Buff_Angry | feelingangry | unfaithful
Embarrassede_buff_embarrassed | peedself
EnergizedFlirtyLow / FlirtyHigh
FlirtyFlirtyLow / FlirtyHigh
FocusedFocusedLow / FocusedHigh
HappySocial_Happy | e_Buff_Happy
InspiredInspiredLow / InspiredHigh
PlayfulPlayfulLow / PlayfulHigh
SadSadLow / SadHigh


household.force_bills_dueMembayar tagihan 
households.autopay_bills {true/false}Mengaktifkan/Mematikan pembayaran tagihan secara otomatis.
money {jumlah}Set uang household. Dimana {jumlah} adalah angka.
sims.modify_funds {+/- jumlah} Menambah atau mengurangi Simoleons dari uang Household


pregnancy.force_offspring_count {IDSim} {jumlah}Ketika Sim kamu hamil, gunakan cheat ini untuk menentukan jumlah bayi.
sims.add_buff Buff_Pregnancy_InLaborMemaksa Sim dan Hantu untuk memalsukan kelahiran. Bayi tidak akan lahir dengan menggunakan cheat ini.
sims.add_buff Buff_Pregnancy_Trimester1Memberikan penampilan hamil bagi Sims dan Hantu dengan bentuk 1st Trimester.
sims.add_buff Buff_Pregnancy_Trimester2Memberikan penampilan hamil bagi Sims dan Hantu dengan bentuk 2nd Trimester.
sims.add_buff Buff_Pregnancy_Trimester3Memberikan penampilan hamil bagi Sims dan Hantu dengan bentuk 3rd Trimester.


modifyrelationship {A} {B} {X} {Y} 50 Friendship_MainMengubah suatu hubungan antara dua Sim dengan menambahkan 50 poin dari skor Friendship.
modifyrelationship {A} {B} {X} {Y} -50 Friendship_MainMengubah suatu hubungan antara dua Sim dengan mengurangkan 50 poin dari skor Friendship.
modifyrelationship {A} {B} {X} {Y} 50 Romance_MainMengubah suatu hubungan antara dua Sim dengan menambahkan 50 poin dari skor Romance.
modifyrelationship {A} {B} {X} {Y} -50 Romance_MainMengubah suatu hubungan antara dua Sim dengan mengurangkan 50 poin dari skor Romance.
relationship.add_bit {IDSimKamu} {IDSimTarget} {Status}Membuat suatu status hubungan antara dua sim.
relationship.destroy {IDSimKamu} {IDSimTarget}Menghancurkan hubungan.
relationships.create_friends_for_simMendatangkan Sim dengan hubungan pertemanan 50% dengan sim kamu.
relationships.introduce_sim_to_all_othersMembuat semua sim menjadi kenalan sim kamu termasuk yang sudah almarhum.

Catatan :

{Status} :
{A} adalah nama awal sim kamuromantic_Married
{B} adalah nama belakang sim kamu family_husband_wife
{X} adalah nama awal target kamu family_grandchild
{Y} adalah nama belakang target kamufamily_son_daughter

stats.set_skill_level Major_Baking {1-10}Baking Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_Charisma {1-10}Charisma Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_Comedy {1-10}Comedy Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_HomestyleCooking {1-10}Cooking Skill
stats.set_skill_level Skill_Child_Creativity {1-10}Creativity Skill (Child)
stats.set_skill_level Major_Fishing {1-10}Fishing Skill
stats.set_skill_level Skill_Fitness {1-10}Fitness Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_Gardening {1-10}Gardening Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_GourmetCooking {1-10}Gourmet Cooking Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_Guitar {1-10}Guitar Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_Handiness {1-10}Handiness Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_Herbalism {1-10}Herbalism Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_Logic {1-10}Logic Skill
stats.set_skill_level Skill_Child_Mental {1-10}Mental Skill (Child)
stats.set_skill_level Major_Mischief {1-10}Mischief Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_Bartending {1-10}Mixology Skill
stats.set_skill_level Skill_Child_Motor {1-10}Motor Skill (Child)
stats.set_skill_level Major_Painting {1-10}Painting Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_Photography {1-5}Photography Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_Piano {1-10}Piano Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_Programming {1-10}Programming Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_Reaping {1-10}Reaping Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_RocketScience {1-10}Rocket Science Skill
stats.set_skill_level Skill_Child_Social {1-10}Social Skill (Child)
stats.set_skill_level Major_VideoGaming {1-10}Video Gaming Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_Violin {1-10}Violin Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_Wellness {1-10}Wellness Skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_Writing {1-10}Writing Skill