Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Sims FreePlay Holiday 2016 Update Available Now!

What's New in Version 5.26.1

Experience a small world that’s larger than life. Be transported to a uniquely magical place where you can swing on flowers, jump on spider webs, and feed cute lady bugs! Get into the holiday spirit and:
  • Discover a tiny world with Fairy Circle Fields, Leaky Leaf Canoe Rides, and more
  • Help the Prince and the Pocket-Sized Princess and earn the ultimate prize
  • Craft cool creations with the Ice Sculpture Hobby
  • Give your male Sims more handsome hairstyles with the Charming Barber Hair Event
  • Get your Sims into healthy habits with the Healthy Living Discovery Quest and all-new Aerobics Hobby

Click here to download The Sims FreePlay for Android or go to the Play Store on your Android device.
Click here to townload The Sims FreePlay for iOS or go to the App Store on your iDevice.

Friday, October 28, 2016

The Sims 4: New Update! (27/10/2016)

Update Size: 1.08 GB

Update: 10/27/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version
Hey-Oh Simmers!
So… we have an expansion coming out the door soon, City Living!
Are you looking forward to next week?
Wait, don’t answer that… let’s just live in the moment. Let’s let time advance, taking its time. The expansion will be here soon with its up all night city life, festivals, apartment neighbors… and so much more.
But now, let’s just be. Be here, with the addressed issues…
  • I really have to find a word other than “addressed”
    • …tackled, confronted, come to grips with… not quite there yet
Oh well, so what did we… get down to… err, let’s just stick with address. First up…
The New
  • Lot Traits! Lots can now have up to three traits assigned to them, which convey gameplay and story benefits.
    • Open up the Lot Info panel in Build Mode and select from Homey, Fast Internet, Great Acoustics, Science Lair, Convivial, Natural Light, Bracing Breezes, or Private Dwelling.
    • Explore the various traits to find one, two, or three that make sense to you!
  • A new Copy option has been added for Roofs, Stairs, and Rooms.
    • Click on the roof, stair, or room you wish to copy and select Copy from the popup that appears (it’s the icon that appears in the bottom-center).
And now, the dealt wit… no, addressed is still the right word.
General Issues, we addressed
  • We fixed an issue that could occur if your Sim was inappropriate enough to get kicked out of an NPC's residence, it could set them into an “un-greeted state”. Which was preventing the Sim from being able to travel.
  • Moving a counter in Build Mode with an empty plate on it, will no longer cause the empty plate to appear full.
  • You can once again use the up and down arrow keys to cycle between last entered commands in the cheat window.
  • The Spencer-Kim-Lewis family has dropped the Spencer from their name, and shall now be known as simply Kim-Lewis.
    • The Kim-Lewis family is not clarifying why the ‘Spencer’ was dropped, and while rumors at the water cooler are circling regarding extra-marital woohoo, the more casual observations have focused on the theory that their name was just too long.
      • As for the water cooler, have you considered that perhaps the water cooler is an old reference that no longer makes sense to the younger generation? Maybe you really should hang out at the coffee house, or a bar… bars are timeless.
        • Except for the 1920s of course… huh, yea… you know what I’m talking about.
  • Both reader and readed will now gain social when Reading to or Being Read to.
    • Reed, Red… language, so strange.
  • Sims that can rummage for food in trash cans, can now also eat the food that has been rummaged from the can.
    • Trash can, soon it too shall fall into the category of things we reference that new generations won’t entirely understand.
      • Like why is the save icon in game a 3 ½”disk?
        • C’mon, if it were a 5 ¼” it would have a round shape in the middle.
  • Employees should be more responsive now when checking out customers. In addition, we have sped up the checkout times in order to get Sims checked out faster.
  • Now when you click on the top of the alien’s head in Create a Sim, it will open the hairstyle menu.
  • Excellent quality and above Bonsai Shrubs can now be converted to decorative items.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause the mouse pointer to become corrupted when attempting to drag a songbook into the sell portion of the Inventory panel.
  • Sims who were watching TV at the time they were supposed to go to work will no longer switch into their work clothes, and then back into their everyday clothes before going to work.
  • Watch Clothes Being Tried On will now appear in the queue of other Sims in the group when one of the Sim tries on clothes in the closet.
    • Which, doesn't sound creepy at all…
  • Fixed an issue where there was a chance the Sim would ignore the players attempt to cancel Use Toilet, and instead continuously use the toilet.
    • Sims will now stop using the toilet when the action is cancelled.
      •  …if it is reasonable to do so.
  • The Dare to Jump interaction will now count towards the Spooky Party task to perform mischief socials.
  • We fixed an issue with the tooltip becoming stuck above a Sims head, if the tooltip was visible during a Sim reset. This should no longer occur.
  • Welcome wagon members will no longer BARGE into your house uninvited during the Welcome Wagon situation unless they are invited in.
    • And after all of this barging, I don’t know if I want to invite them in! I’ll just take their fruitcake and bid them “Good day, sir!”
      •  “I said good day!”
  • Renaming a stuffed animal will now cause the stuffed animal to remain renamed.
    • Oh, that poor forgotten bunny Bob, Barb... er Babs… no, wait it was Brad. Brandy. Braden. Bronson. Biff… no… what was the bunny’s name?
      • Harvey
  • Sims will no longer T-pose when a Paint by Reference is cancelled.
    • T-Pose, in case you were curious is the position a Sim is in by default when no animation is currently playing.
  • The Connections trait will no longer prevent Sims from completing the Jack of Some Trades aspiration.
  • Sims can progress to Soulmates after getting married as Lovebirds.
    • Did you know that lovebirds can be quite aggressive?
      • Care should be given, as well as lots of seed and water. And remember to clean their cage at least twice a month.
  • Sims will no longer be kicked out of a lot for performing inappropriate but club approved behaviors. They may still get yelled at for the infraction, but should no longer be kicked from the lot.
  • We fixed an issue that was causing the Set as Front Door interaction to become missing on homes with a raised foundation.
  • Children can now drink Rootbeer Floats and Cream Colas…
    • It's up to you to determine how many floats is one float too many.
    • It really is a personal choice, and you should evaluate each float against daily float habits.
  • Remember, wait at least an hour to float after a float.
    • And never let friends float who have over floated.
  • We fixed an issue that was preventing the Sim from purchasing additional advertising for their retail lot once the initial advertising had completed.
  • Scrap is now an available interaction on Music Sheets created by the Write Song and Write Lyrics interactions.
    • Scrap – when artistic block hits, scrap it!
  • Maids will now clean up salvaged trash piles, when the salvaged pile has expired.
    • Do you mean to say that the salvage pile is dead, stinky, decomposed, rotted, decayed, festering, deteriorated, past it's prime, kaput or kaput, ko’d, barren, without life, defunct, obsolete, lifeless, departed, gone, late, lost, fallen, slaughtered, as good as, pushing up daisies, asleep, without that glow, discarded, forgotten, lackluster, slow, down and out, …
      • Or did you mean something else?
  • Ah… the embarrassment of low hygiene. The green stink lines… the aroma… the discomfort. But maybe it's not ideal to just wait for things to “get better” by staying in the hot tub. Worry not! Now after woohoo, mess around, or try for baby… you CAN get out. That’s right, Get Out of the hot tub, even if you are currently at low hygiene, high hygiene, a guy (or gal) named Gene, you can… Get Out of the hot tub. So get out of that hot tub, and get back into life.
  • High fitness Sims can now use the Jog Here option when locomoting.
    • Yes, locomote. Sims don’t just go here and there, they don’t just walk to and fro, and they certainly don’t just go for a jog… they loco mote, and there’s nothing crazy about it.
  • Are you a hot key user? Why aren't you? If you are, aren't, want to be, or always thought to yourself "I should be!" - then you should know, hitting the space bar will no longer disable the M key from taking you to Manage Worlds.
    • M key, it’s not just another key… it’s a hot key.
  • Sims will now be able to satisfy the Send a Flirty, Sad, Playful, Energized, and Angry Text whim by using the phone.
    • On a side note, in rare cases, it has been discovered that sending energized texts have been known to cause ERrAt!c uSE 0f P#nC!uAt!@n and C$P!talIZ(~)tI0N.
  • Sims will now be able to use a dresser while listening to the radio.
    • In other news… the mystery of the missing lap has been solved. Top scientists proclaim "Sit down" and there it was.
  • Deleting a screenshot will no longer reorder them in the Screenshot Capture Manager.
  • Put in Inventory is now an available interaction on urns of Sims that die outside of a lots boundary.
    • Breaking News: Urn theft on the rise. Public cries out “Grandma!”
  • Placing a Sim from the gallery will no longer reset their muscle and weight to the default settings.
  • Gluttonous Sims who are very hungry will now also eat spoiled group meals if left to their own devices.
  • Lights placed from Build Mode after the Sims power has been turned off will no longer illuminate.
    • What a fun word… ih-loo-muh-neyt. It’s just fun to say. Illuminate. Say it with me…
      • I’ll be speaking the word aloud at noon.
  • Fixed an issue in Create a Sim that prevented an elder Sims hair from changing color to the selected color at the time the color was selected, but instead waited until after a new hair was selected.
  • Stopping a custom music piece from playing in the options panel will now actually stop the piece rather than just lower it's volume.
    • It’s like getting my kids to stop playing video games at bedtime…
      • They don’t really stop, they just sloooow down….
        •  …waiting for me to leave the room.
          • That’s ok. I beat their high scores after they go to bed.
  • Sculpted objects and Framed Paintings and Photos will now retain their sculpt and frames when a lot containing them has been download from the gallery.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause your valuables to have appeared to survive a fire, but then you go to move them in Build Mode and *poof* they turn to ash. Now they just turn to ash post fire without the bait and switch.
    • *Poof* imagery added for effect.
      • No actual *poof* occurs in game.
        • The sound effects for *poof* are only in your head.
          • Seek help.
  • Fixed an issue with the Stack of Canvases missing their proper color variants.
  • Custom music should now properly play at venues.
  • Children should no longer be inviting your Sims to hang out at the bars and nightclubs.
    • Who gave the kids a phone anyway? In my day kids didn’t have access to a phone. If they wanted to invite a stranger to a bar, they had to walk to their house… in the snow… uphill… both ways… during an earthquake… without any shoes on… and they had to ask the stranger in Latin!
  • Sims with the Player trait will no longer see their relationship decrease with other nearby Sims, when performing romantic socials.
  • The Social Event requirements for the Party Animal aspiration will now complete even if the Party Animal Sim is not the currently selected Sim when the social event ends.
  • We have adjusted the ymHair_MohawkPunk and ymHair_BuzzCutNatural to appear correctly on female Sims.
  • The Invite to Stay the Night social interaction is now available between married sims who do not live in the same household.
    • Also, long distance relationships can be tough… so remember, communication is key.
  • We have fixed an issue with the yfBody_XUaNFormalDress that was causing a texture issue with the Sims hands.
  • The Admire New Possessions interaction was missing… we have no idea how it got out or why, but it’s back now thanks to a caring couple who discovered it wandering around scared in the grocery parking lot. They kept it well fed, gave it lots of love, and have brought it home once again for all of us to enjoy.
  • We fixed a color swatch issue with ymTop_ShirtTuckedTieSkinny that was preventing one of the color options from appearing.
  • The Motion Gaming Rig can now be repaired when it breaks.
    • Also… the Motion Gaming Rig can now break.
  • We fixed an issue that was interupting Sims while using the computer if they had food in their inventory.
    • Yes, even if the food wasn’t a neon-green soda and some orange triangle chips.
  • We fixed an issue that was unintentionally creating romantic relationships between married Sims not currently in the active household and NPCs. Married sims will not form romantic relationships with other NPCs while you are playing another household.
Get to Work Issues, we addressed
  • Repairing and Upgrading a Chemical Analyzer, Chemistry Lab, or DJ Booth will now satisfy the Nerd Brain aspiration goal to Repair and Upgrade Objects.
    • Interesting how repairing a chemical analyzer and toilet are the same skill…
      • I wonder if Stanford Linear Accelerator Center needs some help with their particle accelerator. I’ve unclogged a toilet…
        • or two.
Get Together Issues, we addressed
  • Sims that send invites to the active Sim will no longer immediately leave after the Sim has accepted the invitation and joined the event.
    • Ah the ol’ shake hands, run fingers through hair gag. Oh you… yea… you.
  • You should no longer get strange messages from the Garden Gnomes club about the fact that "No plants need tending at the moment" if you are not currently a member of the Garden Gnomes club.
    • Join us.
  • Tips earned from playing the DJ Booth now count towards the "Earn 50 Simoleons in tips" whim.
  • Sims can no longer send text messages to start club gatherings for clubs they are not a member of.
  • Sing Songs and Play Guitar will now properly respect the Play Guitar and Play Instrument club rules.
  • Offer Massage will now properly respect the Be Romantic club rule.
Spa Day Issues, we addressed
  • We fixed an issue that would cause Sims to appear outside of their home on the sidewalk when players would switch between households via Manage Worlds.
    • Sims should remember their last known position, position themselves there, and wait for player instructions should they wish to re-position their position.
      • Have we hit semantic satiation yet?
Dine Out Issues, we addressed
  • Sims will now stay seated if directed to Warm Self on the Warming Lamp while seated…
    • If the seat is close enough to the lamp…
      • And the Sim doesn't have to otherwise desperately use the bathroom, fall asleep, or eat…
        • And the Warming Lamp and seat are on the same lot as the Sim.
          • And the Sim is seated prior to the action being initiated.
            • Ok, I think that just about covers my legal obligations.
  • Seated Sims at a restaurant should no longer stand to consume their beverage, but instead will remain seated.
Mac Issues, we addressed
  • Laptop mode no longer causes windows placed into the side of a pool to appear opaque.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Windenburg World to appear as a square instead of a circle on the World Select screen.
    • We have sliced off the offending corners, and returned the world to its spherical known shape.
      • Of course, some argue that the world is not round, but rather a collection of tiny squares held together by “mystical forces”. And while there is merit to this notion (considering that a circle is actually not possible in a digital medium), we squarely reject this concept, and hold firmly to our flat but round world beliefs.
Until next time, enjoy, thrive, prosper, drive safe, float gently, speak softly, and live the city life!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Sims FreePlay Halloween 2016 Update Available on iOS & Android

What's New in Version 5.25.1

Beware! Tiny monsters have taken over Sim Town with outrageously frightening fancy dress, including zombie cheerleaders and vampires. Get scary, get even, and try out some terrifying scare tactics in the Night of the Candy Monsters Quest! You can also:
  • Take part in the Woodworking Hobby to earn never-before-seen Country Homestead Furniture, including kitchen island benches
  • Give your Sims a fresh look with original clothing items available for all players – it’s Free Fashion!
  • Enjoy a brand-new feature for Professions at the Sim Town Market, with events and prizes a-plenty
  • Keep calm and have another go at the Day Spa Community Event – it’s back due to popular demand

Click here to download The Sims FreePlay for Android or go to the Play Store on your Android device.
Click here to townload The Sims FreePlay for iOS or go to the App Store on your iDevice.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Sims 4 City Living News: Plan a Perfect Wedding in Center Park

When your Sim first moved to San Myshuno, they never expected to fall in love. But, they met their one true love at the Romance Festival a few months later and after living together in a “comfy” mid-range apartment, they want to tie the knot. They could go back to Willow Creek, sure, but in the city of San Myshuno there's a beautiful park tucked away that few people know about, and it’s the perfect venue for the ultimate The Sims™ 4 City Living* wedding!

To schedule a wedding event, you can simply use the Event Planner on your Sim’s phone. Then just send everyone you want to invite over to Myshuno Meadows and carry out the ceremony! The Sims 4 City Living also gives you several new options to liven up your wedding if you're ready for something new.

For one, why cook when you can have food carts sell delicious food from your favorite cultures? Yum, that sounds like a tasty wedding. Just don’t let your Sims wipe their hands on their fancy clothes. Speaking of fancy clothes, the venue has a dedicated dressing room so you can plan your wedding outfits on the spot if you forgot to plan ahead!

Secondly, someone can bring along the new electric piano, which is carried in a Sim’s inventory unlike the traditional piano.

Finally, if you head to a festival, you can bring your favorite fireworks. If you don't manage to get them in time, don’t worry! At the moment of the critical wedding smooch, the fireworks provided by the mildly fire-safety conscious park staff will explode. This makes for a truly explosive finale that guests and family members will be discussing for ages.

We wanted every part of San Myshuno to feel special, and this park is no exception. If your Sim finds their true love, consider this venue for their wedding!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Sims 4 City Living News: Sing Your Heart Out with Karaoke

Oh, karaoke. How we love thee. From tone-deaf locals, to undiscovered superstars, karaoke bars are full of wacky characters and fascinating stories to tell. We think that karaoke is the perfect Sims activity – it’s silly, it’s fun, and it's coming in The Sims™4 City Living* Expansion Pack this November!

Whilst your Sims can have the Karaoke Machine in their homes, we've also built two new Karaoke Bar venues, Planet Honey Pop and Waterside Warble, for players that want to skip straight to the off-key, awkward moments we all want to see. Sims can also use the Karaoke Machine to build the new Singing Skill, which means there’s hope for us all with a little patience and practice! You'll find songs from a variety of catchy genres, including jazz, pop, disco, and more. Even better, each song has a hilarious video to accompany it! It’s a treat for the eyes and ears!

Your Sim can sing solo if they’re bold, or in a duet if they want to bring someone else along for the fun. Tones and pitch will collide as multiple Sims try their best to harmonize. It’s delightful or painful, depending on your perspective. Honestly, we’ve never laughed harder with a feature!

Karaoke isn’t just about the singing; it will also affect those in attendance. Sims might love what they hear. Or, they might cringe and wither uncomfortably under the barrage of auditory assaults! The only way to fix things is to send your Sim to take the mic themselves.

If you’re curious what that sound is, it’s Planet Honey Pop! Wouldn’t you rather send your Sim there to contribute to the hilarity? The karaoke machine is one our favorite objects in The Sims 4 City Living and we cannot wait until you get to experience it for yourself.

The Sims 4 City Living: Neighborhood Trailer

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Sims 4 City Living News: 9 Cool Things You’ll Find Exploring the City of San Myshuno

San Myshuno isn’t just a neighborhood or a place for your Sims to live in The Sims 4 City Living* Expansion Pack (coming November 1st!) – it’s an entire character by itself. We wanted San Myshuno to have as much character as our favorite cities in the world, so that when Sims go there, you can say “wow, that is new!” Let’s talk about some of the cool, weird things you’ll find exploring the city of San Myshuno!

Hit the Festivals! You may or may not know that San Myshuno is a city with festivals! Festivals are like venues that come and go, bringing with them new game-play, new stories, and new contests for your Sims. Festivals are perfect for foodies, lovers, geeks, and even those who love hunting for a good deal. Every neighborhood has a different festival, so send your Sims outside to join in the fun before they close!

Try new foods. We wanted to make San Myshuno a diverse city with interesting cultures, and the most delicious part of culture is food! San Myshuno introduces food stands with dozens of new recipes. Plus, to make it a little easier, your Sims can learn the recipes just by sampling, which pairs perfectly with our new City Native Aspiration. Your Sim can really get out there and sample the world’s delicious cuisine!

Grab some swag. Festivals are fun, but what is the point in going if you can’t take something awesome home? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Festivals all have Swag stalls to sell t-shirts, unique spices, special fireworks, and more to your Sims. Bring a few extra Simoleons and send them home with something that says “I was there!”

Collect snow globes! People throw junk out all the time in the cities, but one Sim’s junk is another Sim’s treasure! Keep your eyes peeled for cardboard boxes on the streets. Your Sims might find snow globes to complete the new collection. 

Shoot some Hoops. We’ve wanted to add the basketball hoop for a long time, and San Myshuno is the perfect setting for this object. Your Sims can head to the court in the Spice District, or build one in their penthouse high rise, to shoot the hoops with friends after work. Basketball is the perfect way to burn a few calories gained eating samosas from the food cart, and to make new friends!

Meet interesting new Sims. San Myshuno is filled with fascinating people. There are buskers hoping your Sims will spare a few Simoleons in tips. There are living statues who may, or may not, be convincing. There are tourists bumbling about. You might meet the next Sim that’ll be your Sim’s next roommate, or even soulmate. Or, perhaps you’ll encounter a bizarre…trash panda? We’ve said too much. Let's just say that San Myshuno is full of interesting Sims!
Try out Graffiti. We always want to give Sims a way to express themselves and affect the world around them, which made murals a perfect addition to San Myshuno. Sims who love to paint can shake their spray can to add graffiti, a beautiful community mural, or even deface something that a rival painted. Don’t settle for bland concrete when there are all the possibilities of a mural at your Sims’ finger tips!

Master Karaoke. We're introducing the Singing Skill in The Sims 4 City Living, which means you may hear Sims singing joyfully, or badly, out on the street corner. Send your Sims to join with the sing along, or send them to the nearby Planet Sing-Pop Karaoke bar. Either way, music is in the air.... even if it’s sometimes off-key.

Stand for a cause. Your Sims can try out three new careers in San Myshuno, including the Political career, which is perfect for Sims with a cause in their hearts and a sign in their hands. Sims can protest on the streets of San Myshuno, or if they move up in the career, they can give speeches to the crowd from their podium. Spread the good word and make the citizens of San Myshuno more conscious.

San Myshuno is a vibrant urban environment and the crown jewel of The Sims 4 City Living. We cannot wait until your Sims move into the city and hit the sidewalks to learn about all the content we’ve jam packed on the pavement, on November 1st 2016.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Sims 4: New Update! (27/09/2016)

Update: 09/27/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Afternoon, Morning, and Evening Simmers!
…in that exact order (but only if you are traveling West)
We have just a quick content add for you, so without ado of a furthering type…
…the New Stuff
Some new assets for your Sims to celebrate the Day of the Dead!
  • …which technically isn’t until the end of October.
    •  … but they’re Sims. So, technically any day can be the end of October.
      • I’m reminded of the famous quote, “Today will not be known as Taco Tuesday. It will be known as Freedom Friday, but still on a Tuesday!”
So you were saying, what’s new?
  • A new recipe for Pan de Muerto is available under the Cook… interaction.
  • Several new objects are available for your Sims to decorate their homes. Search for the term “Day of the Dead” in Buy Mode to find…
    • Two new wall hangings, a table, some candles, and a sculpture.
  • There are also several new outfits for your Sims in Create a Sim!
    • Male and Female Sims have a new full body outfit, plus face makeup.
    • Female Sims have a new hair, and Male Sims have a new hat.
    • Children also have a new full body outfit and face makeup.
And since we are on the subject of October… turns out Oct 1st marks the end of a quarter… so, that’s a thing.
Also, the end of a quarter has ridges.
Did you know that if you are only looking at one side of a ridge, you can’t see the other side? But if you wait, and let yourself move forward… just a short bit, you might find yourself on the other side of the ridge, able to see more.
Is it better on the other side? It might be, but I suppose in the end it all depends on the perception of which side of the quarter you are looking from, and prefer.
And with that little bit of wisdom, I wish you a happy Release Tuesday!
-SimGuru “oh, what a week may change” Gnome
“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” - RW

The Sims 4 City Livimg News: How We Built San Myshuno

Sul Sul! We’re delighted you decided to join us today for our quick, informal tour of San Myshuno, the new World in The Sims 4 City Living* Expansion Pack. Watch your step and let's get going! 

San Myshuno was inspired first and foremost by diversity. We knew we wanted a diverse, vibrant, modern city where you might see people of Indian, Arab, Japanese, African, and other ethnicities. We wanted to create a colorful melting pot inspired by different cultural canvasses. We initially drew inspiration from Asian cities like Shanghai and Tokyo, but they were too intense with the lights, and felt a bit too focused on single cultural groups. Then, we looked to coastal cities like Vancouver, San Francisco, New York, and Sydney, as places known to host hugely distinct cultures in unique neighborhoods.

San Myshuno is divided into four neighborhoods inspired by different cultures and offer different activities, apartments, and festivals for your Sims. Let’s visit each quickly, shall we?

The Spice Market - A comfortable, old neighborhood marked by its distinct brownstone apartments and colorful mosaics. We were inspired by Indian colors and visual elements for this neighborhood. The Spice Market is the home of the Spice Festival, which is the perfect place to sample foods from different cultures (while also obliterating your Sim’s taste buds with spice!). There are some very affordable starter apartments here, and your Sims will certainly enjoy themselves in a pickup game of basketball, or spraying some graffiti with friends.

The Arts Quarter - Practically a sculpture itself, and is one of our more beautiful neighborhoods. Those who have been to San Francisco might recognize elements of the Yerba Buena Center across the street from the SF Museum of Modern Art. The art museum here in San Myshuno is really top notch, and aspiring musicians will seek their next tip here near the food stands. The Lantern Festival will pop up in the Arts Quarter from time to time, which is great, as it’s the perfect place for your Sims to view the fireworks!

The Fashion District - We're definitely moving up the economic ladder here, but it offers truly spectacular views and neighborhood entertainments! Be ready to pay a stiffer price in rent if your Sims move in here. The Fashion District and Uptown are both inspired by the high-tech high rises of cities like Tokyo and Shanghai. The Fashion District is the home of the lively (and sometimes unruly!) Planet Sing-Pop, where vocal hopefuls go to belt out the latest tunes with friends and significant others. When auditory atrocities aren’t pouring forth from the karaoke bar, Sims might wander onto the street itself to enjoy the peculiar sights of GeekCon or maybe even find love at the Romance Festival.

Uptown - The final district, and one which has a truly breathtaking view with some wonderful high-rise options for Sims who have the bankroll to spare. Uptown is the home of the gym & rooftop lounge, and it’s also the final destination for Sims who have risen to the top of their career and now wish to rise to the top of the skyline.  

We’ve never made a world like San Myshuno. It’s jam packed with diverse and exciting people, new activities like festivals, and venues that’ll entertain Sims otherwise cramped in their small starter apartments. Your Sims will want to move to San Myshuno the second it’s open, which is this November!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Sims 4 City Living: Mett The Neighbour Teaser Trailer

The Sims 4 City Living News: Living Large! Check Out Penthouses

By Grant Rodiek

Welcome to San Myshuno! Oh, wait, you're already living in the city? Where, if I can ask? Oh. Oh, dear. In one of those apartments? Well, they’re not built and maintained to the high standards we think your Sims deserve. Please, come with us as we show you the top floor. Penthouses are the tip top of apartment living in The Sims 4 City Living* Expansion Pack (coming in November), and we think the penthouse there will be more to your sophisticated liking.

Typically, Sims strive to complete a Skill, or complete a career, or fulfil an Aspiration. In San Myshuno, one of the stories we want you to tell is moving up from the low level apartments, to live in one of the incredible penthouse apartments.

Penthouses are the perfect mix between apartments and residential lots. You get the incredible views and the fantastic city location, but also the flexibility of knocking out walls and building whatever you want at the top of your Sim’s world. Want to build a small rooftop garden next to your fantastic pool? Go ahead and do that. You own the floor and nobody can stop you in the penthouse!

Would your Sim prefer a quieter lifestyle, or one where you can blast your music free of complaints? Once again, this is your floor. The only people in the penthouse are the ones your Sim invited! It’ll also be nice living in a vermin free space.
“But I miss the quirks of my first apartment,” you say? Say no more! Your Sims can use Lot Traits in

Build Mode to add quirks to their penthouse, or any lot in the game. Yes, even in Willow Creek or Oasis Springs! This is one of the new Build features we’ve added to The Sims 4 City Living, which we’ll cover in greater depth later.

In The Sims 4 City Living, the lower level apartments build character and help you tell a story. Through conflict and adversity your Sims will learn who they truly are. The high level penthouses are for Sims who are established, know who they are and what they want, and prefer to sip juice from the highest rooftop with only a select group of friends.

What story do you want to tell? Head to the elevator and make your choice this November in The Sims 4 City Living!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Sims 4 City Living: Apartments Trailer!

The Sims 4 City Living News: 9 Ways Apartments Are Different (and Awesome!)

By Grant Rodiek

Welcome to San Myshuno, the new World in The Sims 4 City Living* (coming November 1, 2016). Here, a Sim’s dreams can be made, or broken, at the sight of yet another cockroach outbreak. When you live in the city that means apartment living, which is a completely different experience to the residential lifestyle. Press the button on the elevator for your floor, and let’s go through why apartments are unlike anything you’ve played yet in The Sims 4.

It means living in a community. We wanted to focus on the community aspect of apartment life, which is oh-so familiar to many members of The Sims team. In suburbia it’s easy to ignore your neighbors, but not in apartments! You’ll see them in your Sim’s apartment common area checking the mail, yelling at your Sims or the other neighbors, or merely coming by to visit. Or maybe borrow your Sim’s things, like a shower, or a taste of your Sim’s dinner. First and foremost, the apartments are about other Sims and how they affect your life. San Myshuno has some of the most interesting, diverse, and exciting Sims we’ve created. We cannot wait for you to meet them!

The walls are... sort of thin. Community is nice, but living in such close quarters has its downsides. Or upsides, depending on how you view things. Some apartments are noisy with late night music and… let’s call it romance. If things really get out of hand, you can send your Sims to bang on their neighbor’s door to tell them to “turn it down!” But, this isn’t a one-sided affair! Your Sims neighbors have ears as well and they also value a little solitude. Really, it’s about volume control and being considerate, right?

They're full of wacky characters. We didn’t want to just fill apartments with people, we wanted interesting people! Inspired by our favorite television sitcoms, we tried to drizzle every apartment complex with strange, eccentric, enthusiastic, and overly neighborly Sims that will make the lives of your Sims all the richer! Mostly.
They have their own quirks. While designing The Sims 4 City Living, we frequently recounted to one another stories of bizarre landlords, strange roommates, and apartments that seemed cursed. Well, we wanted all of that in the expansion pack! Apartments in the game can have quirks, almost like personality Traits for Sims, that range from cursed, to haunted, to earthquakes! Every Sim’s apartment is unique, and as a result, we think you’ll have more fun than ever moving between apartments until you find the one that’s just right for your story.

Apartments can have some problems. Some apartments have issues that veer wildly away from “quirk” into outright problem territory! Leaky pipes, faulty electrical wiring, and pests! Look, nobody said moving to the big city on a budget would be easy. Your Sims will need to move to San Myshuno, get a hot new career, and work their way out of the lower quality apartments. This is a good thing! These problems drive stories, build characters, and will let you be more familiar with your landlord.

You'll need to deal with your landlord. Speaking of the landlord, every apartment has a well-meaning, overalls adorned steward of the leaky pipes and hallway complaint. If something breaks, give the landlord a call if you don’t have time or interest in fixing it yourself. Be careful to stay on their good side, and be doubly sure your Sims pay their rent on time, else your Sims will find themselves on the landlord’s bad side!

The view of the city is fantastic. Apartments come with a hiccup or two, but they also provide one of our favorite benefits – the view! Your Sims can look out the window to see a huge, vibrant city that is jam packed with things to do. We’ll cover this more soon, but your Sims will see festivals begin, protests initiate, or friends begin a pickup game of basketball downstairs at the park. Apartments give a window to all the things your Sims could be doing.

Space is limited. Want more space in your house? Knock out a wall or build another level! That doesn't work with apartments. Apartments are snug, especially if your Sims are sharing it with a few roommates! On one hand, roommates help pay for the rent, but on the other, there’s no room! Your Sims will need to prioritize the things most important to them, learn to love their fellow Sims, or simply get out of the apartment to find their fun at the festival. We wanted our low-end apartments to feel low end, both to help you tell a great story, but also to give you something to strive for with your Sims – more space!

Close to everything. San Myshuno itself is as jam-packed as the apartments your Sims inhabit. We’ve never created a world with more to do for your Sims! By simply taking the elevator down, they’ll find themselves right in the thick of great, wonderful, spicy, exciting things. But, that’s for another day. Just know your Sims have never lived anywhere quite like the apartments in The Sims 4 City Living. They’re amazing, at least according to the landlord, and we cannot wait to hear your stories of apartment living.

We can't wait for you to move your Sims in to their first apartment in San Myshuno, with The Sims 4 City Living, coming this November.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Sims 4 City Living: Official Trailer!

The Sims 4 City Living News: Coming November 1st, 2016!

The Sims 4 City Living is Coming Soon!

By Grant Rodiek

From Willow Creek to Newcrest, your Sims have enjoyed life in the suburbs. The yard. The jogging. The large, luxurious houses. Don't you think it's time they move somewhere a little... busier? We agree, and that's why we're happy to announce The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack*, which releases on PC and Mac on November 1, 2016.

The Sims 4 City Living is set in the rich, diverse city of San Myshuno, a beautiful coastal city tucked up against the nearby mountains. You’ve never seen a city like this in The Sims! San Myshuno is packed with things to do and new people to see. Whether you're playing basketball in the Spice District or meeting with friends after work at the Karaoke Bar for a raucous good time, there are new experiences around every corner.

Better yet, why not meet some friends and head to one of the new festivals? San Myshuno is full of dynamic street life, so whether you take a hot date to the Romance Festival, or geek out at Geekcon, there’s always something new to do. There are five different Festivals that can show up, giving you plenty to see from your apartment window.

Speaking of apartments, your Sim will need to find one once they move into San Myshuno! Apartments bring with them an assortment of interesting characters and quirks. Unlike houses, you're more limited in what you can do (the landlord won't be happy with you knocking out walls and building new bathrooms), but there's a lot of gameplay found in the few hundred square feet of your Sim's new apartment.

But don't worry, not everyone who lives in the city is wanting for space. As you work your way up through one of the new careers (Politician, Critic, and Social Media), you can afford a stunning new penthouse on the top floor! Penthouses provide a totally different experience, and we can't wait to tell you more about them in the coming months. 

We’ll be sharing so much more information in the near future. Before long, you’ll know everything there is to know about San Myshuno, apartments, Festivals, and more. Stay tuned and pack a small bag for the city. Your first apartment may be tiny!

The Sims 4 City Living releases worldwide for PC and Mac November 1, 2016!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Sims FreePlay Doctor Doctor Available Now on iOS & Android


Get ready to scrub up with the Professions gameplay mode! A brand new hospital has been injected into Sim Town. You can now:
  • Be a Doctor or Nurse and care for patients at the Sim Town Hospital
  • Survive your first shift as an Intern and take on various roles, including a Care Assistant or Candy Striper!
  • Work your way up and run the ward as Chief Nurse, or be a world-class Chief Surgeon
  • Earn resources to expand your hospital – add a Pharmacy, Psychiatrist’s Office and Radiology Center, complete with an X-Ray Machine!


Bersiaplah untuk terjun di mode gameplay Profesi! Rumah sakit baru sudah disuntikan ke dalam Sim Town. Kini kamu dapat:
  • Jadi Dokter atau Perawat dan merawan pasien di Rumah Sakit Sim Town
  • Bertahan di shift pertama sebagai pemagang dan mengambil berbagai peran, termasuk Asisten Perawat atau Perawat Sukarelawan!
  • Bekerjalah dan dan pimpin rumah sakit sebagai Kepala Perawat, atau menjadi Kepala Dokter Bedak kelas dunia.
  • Dapatkan sumber bahan untuk memperluas rumah sakit – tambahkan Parmasi, Ruang Psikiater dan Pusat Radiologi, lengkap dengan mesin Sinar-X!

The Sims FreePlay Doctor Doctor Trailer

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Sims 4: New Update! (16/08/2016)

Update: 08/16/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Happy August Simmers!
We’d like to share a couple of small this and that’s with you…
To start off with, a new…
Sims can now customize their cell phone covers!
Open up your Sims cell phone menu by clicking on the phone in the bottom left (just under your Sims portrait). At the top of the phone menu is a Change Phone Cover Color button. You can choose from over a dozen colors and patterns for your phone to give your Sim that extra bit of flair.
We also have a few issues that were addressed…
  • General
  • The blue pattern plaster wall pattern now has a name other than wall_V_Plaster03MPanels_Blue. It now shall be known as Patterned Plaster, the same as all of its brothers and sisters - Patterned Plaster.
    • You know if it were me, I would have called it Bob, give it some personality, make it an individual, someone who stands out.
      • “What have you got there on your walls? Is that Patterned Plaster?”
      • “No. That's Bob.”
  • Sims will no longer be woken from sleep to watch a show at the Puppet Theatre or the DJ Booth unless they were specifically called forth by the "Put on Show for…" interaction.
    • Are you an ‘er’ or ‘re’ type of person?
      • And, if I may be so bold, what would you show in your theatre or theater?
        • I’d show 80s SciFi.
  • The Grand Master Yoda styled look will no longer appear in the list twice for child Sims.
    • …although, if the Grand Master Yoda wanted to appear twice in the styled looks catalog, who are we to say no.
  • We fixed an issue where choosing to stop a custom music preview from playing in the options panel, did not actually stop it, but just lowered its volume.
  • We have, to speak plainly, adjusted the weighting and deformation maps for several Create a Sim assets in order to correct for holes, odd angles, and other visual oddities.
  • We addressed an issue that could cause Sims to get stuck in a hot tub after choosing to Woohoo, Mess Around, or Try for Baby, if both Sims had low hygiene.
Get To Work
  • We have un-hidden three objects in the Build catalog: Corporate Fridge Raider Revenue Generating Cooler, Still Ambiguous Lab Case, and the Galvanized Industrial Wall Pipe.
    • These objects were used on career locations, but were previously unavailable to the home catalog.
Kids Room Stuff
  • Children looking for discarded toys in the trash will no longer find themselves "discarded." They should no longer become invisible upon completing the interaction.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in the collectable Voidcritter cards appearing overly dark in low lit rooms.
Backyard Stuff
  • We addressed an issue with necklaces clipping into the neck when worn with shirts that were tagged as masculine.
  • The frog fountain now also includes the sound of water when it is spewing water.
    • Of particular note, is that there is no option to kiss the frog fountain, despite any hidden desires one might harbor.
      • Any attempts at kissing the frog fountain will result in no change, for you and the fountain.
        • It should be advised that if you do desire to kiss a frog, it should only be done if the frog is considered a close family friend, that you have long since been without…perhaps you were on an extended vacation to Fiji, only just now returning to see your beloved frog.
          • A gentle peck is then acceptable… with their consent of course.
Thank you again for all and everything,

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff: Now Available!

The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff now available on Origin. You can buy it for S$12.90 or about Rp. 135.000
Grab it now guys! Have fun with the sun!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff News: Have Fun In The Sun

By SimGuruGraham

The days are long and the sun is bright; it’s the perfect time for your Sims to enjoy The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff*, coming July 19th!

Looking to update your backyard? Additional customization options for your outdoor spaces await, with bright colors and patterns adding a splash of excitement. You’ll be able to decorate with everything from spinning wind catchers to spitting frog fountains and scented flowers, all helping set a casual backyard vibe. When your Sims’ friends and family drop by for a cookout, they’ll be showing off their stylish new fashions as they sit around the new umbrella table that accommodates meal servings for up to six Sims. An assortment of comfortable clothing comes in vibrant summer prints, and relaxed hairstyles are available in natural and ombre colors.

While it’s great to look great, it’s the fun new activities and objects which make for a memorable backyard experience. First, you’ll definitely want to clear space for the Lawn Water Slide. Sims will flip out (sometimes quite literally!) over the fun they’ll have while sliding and performing tricks on a sunny afternoon. All that exercise can build up a real thirst, and the new drink pitcher will definitely help you quench it. Mix up refreshing recipes like lemonade, iced tea, and more, then pour over ice and enjoy.

For a rejuvenating experience in the backyard, you can sit back and tune in to the sound of nature all around you. Place the new bird feeder in your backyard, and you’ll be serenaded by the chirps of bluebirds, cardinals, and finches as they fly in for a bite to eat. You can add the new wind chime to your backyard as well for a soothing Sim-made melody. Choose from bamboo, ceramic, or metallic chimes... pair them together if you like, or even set the length of the rods to adjust the chime’s pitch. It’s guaranteed to be music to your ears (and perhaps a nightmare for your neighbors).

One thing’s for certain, there’s plenty of new fun outside for your entire Sims’ family to delight in when The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff releases on July 19th.

The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff: Official Box Art, Logo, and Renders