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Happy Valentine's From The Sims

Dalam merayakan Hari Valentine, The Sims membagikan sebuah kartu ucapan Valentine yang bisa kamu buat sendiri dan juga sebuah ucapan dalam bentuk video.

The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff: New Render

The Sims Romantic Garden News: Be Careful What You Wish For

By SimGuruGraham

Make a Wish

With the release of The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff*, Sims have access to the Whispering Wishing Well, which will alter the fate of your Sim’s lives forever should you dare approach it. Sims can choose from nine different things to wish for, including happiness, romance, youth, simoleons, and more. Be careful what you wish for; those wishes lead to over 50 different outcomes based on the temperament of the well (yes, it’s sentient, and it’s known to be quite moody).

Here are some of our favorite sequences of events…

Sims can get a bad romance. Happily, a wish for romance can result in the appearance of a perfect partner with a loving relationship already established. But what happens when wishing for romance when the Whispering Wishing Well is in a foul mood? Well, you may just end up with a new enemy… with benefits. Through a swirling grey and pink puff of smoke emerges a new romantic partner, who your Sim finds completely contemptable but inexplicably attractive. Sparks will definitely fly in this torrid love affair that offers the chance to experience one of the rarest relationship types in the game!

Simoleons can come at a cost. If your Sim’s wildest dreams come true, they may just win the lottery and get showered by simoleons spewing from the well’s maw. However, at times the Whispering Wishing Well enjoys toying with Sim’s whims, and may twist their words against them unexpectedly. One such example is when a Sim wishes for simoleons… instead of simply granting the wish, the well instead presents the Sim with an interesting moral dilemma. It offers up a juicy morsel of gossip, a rumor so vile that if you threatened another Sim with exposing this secret they’d surely pay to ensure your silence. Is blackmailing your way to riches with a trail of enemies in your wake a path you’ll choose to take? This new interaction leaves the choice in your control.

Sims can get a bouncing bundle of BOO! A Sim that’s a prospective parent may use the Whispering Wishing Well to wish for a child in their life, and the well has a number of ways to grant that request. In the perfect scenario, a mini-prodigy pops out of the well equipped with the Genius trait and a zest for life. If the well is feeling particularly grim though, a bile may bubble up and out of its depths, revealing the newest addition to the family… a ghost child! Thankfully the Whispering Wishing Well will listen to a special wish from ghosts as well, which may lead to the following…

Ghostly Sims can be given endless life. A ghost Sim may have been dealt a difficult card in life (or the afterlife), but the Whispering Wishing Well can help. Ghosts can wish for life, and if the well is in an especially generous mood, the ghost Sim may be granted the ultimate reward – a return to the living! Not only will this miraculous revival give the Sim a second chance at life, but a pact will be formed with the Grim Reaper allowing them to escape death in the future. Should they happen to die again from unnatural causes, the Reaper will promptly appear to resurrect them on the spot.

Sims can find happiness to be a curse. The Whispering Wishing Well is known for its perverse sense of humor. There’s perhaps no better example than one particularly delicious case of schadenfreude when the well perceives a Sim as greedily wishing for happiness. One potential outcome sees the Sim lifted off their feet, with the well visibly sucking an aura of happiness out of them, and raining it down into the depths of the well. For the near future the Sim is cursed, with happiness seeping out of them and spreading to other Sims. As those nearby Sims become happier, the cursed Sim sinks further into their malaise. This form of cosmic balance amuses the Whispering Wishing Well. Of course this is only one potential (and drastic) outcome. Not only may your Sim end up walking on sunshine with a very happy moodlet, but all of their happy moodlets will persist even longer than normal for the day!

Experience these moments with your own Sims, and discover so many more when playing with the Whispering Wishing Well (and other fun stuff) in The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff today!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Sims News: Celebrate The Sims Anniversary With Fun Wallpapers and an Infographic


 Blow Out the Candles

We’ve spent this past week celebrating the 16th anniversary of The Sims by looking back at the franchise on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We really hope you’re enjoying the new content in the Update, too! We got so excited for The Sims’ birthday that we wanted to party a little more, and have two fun things to share with you: some wallpapers, and an infographic!

First, here’s the infographic, which has information on all of the games in The Sims franchise, as well as some facts about… you!

 Emily Zeinner, one of the artists on The Sims 4, also made a wallpaper for your computers or mobile devices that celebrates the history of the franchise. We think it’s super cute!








Thanks everyone, and we hope the next 16 years of The Sims is as exciting as the first!

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Sims 4 News: Free Anniversary Content is Now Available

Happy Sweet 16

The Sims franchise turns 16 today! Seriously! 16 years ago on February 4, the original The Sims was released. Since then the franchise has grown and grown, with The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and, of course, The Sims 4. We wanted to celebrate the 16th Anniversary of The Sims by adding some new content in a free* Update to The Sims 4.

The stuff available in this Update wasn’t chosen randomly, either – fans who have been around since the first game might notice a common thread here. There’s one specific thing chosen to represent each base game in the franchise! 

From The Sims, we’re bringing an homage to the Tragic Clown by way of a painting of the sad fool. One look at it and your Sim will walk away with a “Tragic Clown is Tragic” Moodlet. If it makes your Sim sad, why look at it? Because sometimes everyone needs a good cry. But fear not – there’s also a Plumbob Poster you can use to decorate your Sim’s room. It doesn’t do anything, but we hope that when you look at it, you’re filled with happy feelings of llamas and grilled cheese.

Speaking of grilled cheese, The Sims 2 fans likely remember the Grilled Cheese Aspiration, and we’re happy to bring it to The Sims 4. If you want your Sim to have a (mildly unhealthy) obsession with Grilled Cheese, this is definitely the way to do it. 

The… wait, did someone just steal your Sim’s TV? Oh, it might be because they have the Kleptomaniac Trait from The Sims 3. Sims with this Trait can’t help but swipe objects from their neighbors, or the Club, or… well, anywhere they go.

There’s also an NPC coming back: the Gardener! With a phone call, the Gardener will come to your Sim’s house and take care of their plants. We’ve had a lot of requests for this NPC to return, and we’re really happy to include it as part of this Update.

It’s all in-game starting today, and we really hope you enjoy this celebratory Update. Happy 16th Anniversary!

The Sims 4 New Update v1.15.55 (02/04/2016)

Update: 02/04/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Happy 16th Anniversary!

Yep, 16 years this February 4th! Amazing! And we have a few throwbacks to celebrate the 16 years of the Sims!

From the early days… when you were amazed your Sims didn’t burn to death just pouring a bowl of chips, we bring you memories of those trying times with the Tragic Clown Painting!
  • A “new” old friend can be found immortalized in print in the Build catalog. Search up the Tragic Clown and you’ll come across the ol’ clown’s likeness. Viewing his print may place you in a sad mood however as you reflect upon the deeper meaning of balloon animals, bulbous red noses, and tragic kitchen fires.

…as we step forward, looking into the second iteration of the Sims, you will find the Grilled Cheese Aspiration!
  • You can unlock this aspiration by eating a grilled cheese… or three.
  • Once you finish the aspiration, you’ll unlock the Melt Master trait, where you will learn:
    • To Paint Grilled Cheese on the Easel
    • Summon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with but a thought
    • And unlock the ability to evangelize about Grilled Cheese Sandwiches… because cheese!

…and into the third installment, we bring to you, The Kleptomaniac Trait!
  • Available now as a selectable trait in Create A Sim
  • Your mischief skill will guide your ability to swipe various objects, but be careful to do so alone...
  • And if you do end up feeling guilty for taking that valuable do-whaty-a-thingo from your neighbor, you can always return it… or sell it.
    • “What ‘do-whaty-a-thingo’ were you referring to?”

In addition to our throwback memories…

You can now Hire a Gardener from the Hire a Service option in the phone menu.
  • If you have some garden plants that need tending, you can hire the gardener for a one time “help me out” or as a re-occurring scheduled service.
  • So get out there, buy a planting pot, drop some seeds, and eat the fruits of their labors!
  • There are also a couple of new socials available on the Gardener: Ask for Gardening Advice and Discuss Gardening Techniques

And there is a new 16th Anniversary print found in Build Mode. Search up “Let there be Plumbobs!” and you’ll find this high gloss print with its’ 15 plumbobs staring right back at you!
  • …the 16th … it’s there… I think if you close your eyes you can probably sense its presence… a presence not felt since…
    • And then he just sort of turns away. I mean, he was in mid-sentence, and then he just stops and walks away. Why was he talking to himself to begin with? I know it’s the classic… but I always thought that part was strange…

Also Twitter! Share screenshots, gallery uploads, and achievements directly to Twitter.

And we have also improved your ability to find and filter modded content.
  • Now you can easily identify modded content in Create A Sim and Build Mode with some handy icons we’ve added!
  • We have also made it easy to separate modded from Maxis content with a new filter available in both modes.

Oh yea, almost forgot – we liked the trick items far too much not to give them away also! You can now find the Boneyard, Buyer Beware, and Stoar the Bearded Trickster Door in Build Mode.

But we can’t have just new stuff, not without cleaning up some of the old stuff. So what’d we do to the old?

Issues Addressed

General Issues
  • Sims invited to spend the night will no longer spend the night standing around not sleeping. They will now behave in a way that makes sense for someone who has been asked to spend the night.
    • They will sleep. It’s a little strange and unusual… but we figured, let’s give it a go. See what happens.
  • We fixed an issue with the Activities and Skills filter in Build Mode that was preventing the gold “something is new” highlight from properly clearing itself.
  • Sims will no longer autonomously choose to drink potions or herbalism drinks.
  • Wedding plates and cake will no longer disappear during the Share Wedding Cake interaction.
  • We fixed an issue that was causing Sims to react as if most food was spicy.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in some floor tiles failing to rotate along with the lot when rotated.
  • Sims should no longer find themselves unable to exit the hot tub after autonomously woohooing.
  • Playing with the Lump of Clay will now properly satisfy the "Play with 3 Toys" aspiration goal in the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.
  • We addressed an issue that could result in the player receiving error code 533 when attempting to save the game.
    • Thank you to our players who sent us your save files, as it greatly assisted us, and we were able to identify the problem and address this issue.
    • Players who have received error code 42, just know you have the answer.
  • Hacking notifications now properly address the Sim, and not the player…
    • You there! Get outta my code...
  • We have added an option in the Audio options called “Match Speed Stereo Music”
    • When checked on, in game stereo music will play at the same speed as the game.
    • When checked off, in game stereo music will always play at normal speed, regardless of game speed.
    • When checked checkered, black goes first.
    • When checked plaid, check flannel status.
    • When chalked, hit the cue ball with a medium stroke at the center, to top stop it dead after hitting the object ball.
  • The Princess Cordelia's Galleon Bed may now properly be found under the Queen Anne style sort.
  • Fixed an issue in which it was possible to resize the Sim and Object inventory panels beyond their minimum constraints, which could result in them being unusable.
  • Fixed an issue during the move in new household flow that could cause the "moving household" dialog to reappear and prevent the user from taking any further actions.
  • Sims carving pumpkins or working at a woodworking table will no longer ignore Sims who die near them.
    • Sims dying near a pumpkin carving or woodworking station will no longer have as their last memories the face of an uncaring carver.
  • Babies will no longer send text messages congratulating your Sims on their marriage, engagement, or pregnancy…
    • "Hey mom, we haven’t met yet. How are you doing? I just wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy. Talk to you later."
    • "My what?!"
  • Sims who sabotage their own belongings will no longer be kicked out of their home by another Sim of their household.
  • Maids will no longer attempt to put away toys or books if there is no Toy Box or Bookcase on the lot.
  • Sims will no longer immediately cancel their shower or bath, if there is an infant anywhere on the lot.
  • Sims with the jealous trait will no longer send congratulations on engagement/marriage messages to their ex'es.
  • Item titles, descriptions, and player bio information can now be copied/pasted within the Gallery.
  • Sims near a child who finishes reading or doing their homework will no longer improperly reset.

The Sims 4 Get to Work
  • Paint by reference will no longer override your ability to take photographs of differing sizes and orientations.
  • The “Straight Bizoleons Neon Sign” business perk sign can now have its emotional aura disabled.
  • Food set for sale on retail lots was being improperly cleaned up by the midnight cleaning services under some circumstances … this should no longer occur.

The Sims 4 Get Together
  • We fixed the Brickwall brick texture variants to no longer improperly dupe the Up-Bricking wallpaper variants.
  • Club gatherings will no longer start autonomously on the active Sims home lot.
  • Children in club outfits will no longer "distort" when aging from child to teen…
    • Their behavior upon becoming teens however is completely out of our hands.

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat
  • The Rejuvenated! Buff acquired from camping should no longer keep returning indefinitely. Now once it expires, you will have to go camping to again feel Rejuvenated!

The Sims 4 Movie Hangout Stuff
  • Cuddle while watching a movie was not queuing for both Sims… it should now properly appear in the queue for both Sims.
  • Popcorn does indeed satisfy the club rule for Eat, and now should show the icon indicating such.
  • Cleaning the popcorn popper does indeed satisfy the club rule to clean, and now should show the icon indicating such.
  • Reading release notes does indeed satisfy your need to know, and now you have been properly informed.

Happy Anniversary, happy Simming, happy, happy, joy, something something… and thank you for everything!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Origin: Sale Up To 75%

Untuk The Sims 4 diskon 60% dan untuk The Sims 4 Get To Work dan Get Together diskon 25% ayo buruan beli! Sebelum diskon ini berakhir, yaitu pada tanggal 9 Februari 2015

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The Sims 4 Romantic Garden: Render

The Sims 4 Romantic Garden News: Love is in the Air

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Birds chirping, plants budding… it’s the season of love, and your Sims can experience it for themselves with The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff Pack*! The stuff pack releases on February 9 and includes new objects and clothing to create the Victorian garden of your dreams.

The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff Pack has a mixture of flowery flora and marble furnishings that enable you to build new styles of parks, or to revitalize your home’s yard. Do you prefer a manicured lawn with trimmed rose bushes and flowers entwined around a wooden trellis? Perhaps instead you want to create your own Victorian inspired botanical gardens, replete with spitting lion fountains and stately Doric columns? All of these items and more empower you to create lush landscapes for romantic moments like dates, proposals, and weddings – or simply to enjoy a lovely afternoon outdoors.

Your Sims can make use of a new Fountain of Gluteus Maximus which serves as far more than a pretty backdrop. Sims can sit along the fountain’s edge and cuddle, even flicking water on each other in a lighthearted show of affection. When feeling especially whimsical they can climb inside to play around, or take it a step further and engage in a spirited bout of splashing with a friend. If feeling particularly mischievous, Sims can go as far as adding soap to the fountain and enjoy watching the water churn into a froth of bubbles.

What’s more, the stuff pack also includes the Whispering Wishing Well, and woe to the Sim who underestimates the power it wields. A single Simoleon is all it takes to cast a wish, be it for happiness, wealth, a child, youth, love, and more… but the Wishing Well is known to be quite temperamental, and one should carefully gauge not only what they wish for, but when they wish for it. Over fifty different outcomes ensure that your Sim’s life may be altered forever… though it may end in rejoicing, or in personal tragedy.

You’ll discover all of these objects when visiting The Lost Gardens of Healing, a brand new Park Venue included in the stuff pack that creates a picturesque backdrop to any romantic story. Your Sims will want to look their best when visiting, and modern floral fashion and hairstyles will help you give them a proper spring makeover. As they stroll the park’s grounds they’ll be serenaded by the new Baroque radio station, which includes a lovely melody of music inspired by the 1600s to set the mood.

The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff Pack releases on February 9th – come take a stroll through its gardens and see if it’s everything you wished for!

The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff: Official Trailer

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Sims FreePlay: The Tropical Romance Island Quest (Bahasa)

Bangun Tropical Romance Island dengan mengumpulkan buah tropis! Dapatkan tanamannya dari tab "Event Items" di Home Store, dan petik secukupnya untuk membuka lokasi bari di pulau!

  • Plant a Banana Tree
    Beli pohon pisang dari Home Store bagian "Event Items".

    Reward: 5 Simoleons
  • Collect Fruits
    Tap pohon pisangnya, dan pilih "Collect Bananas" - 7 detik.
    Reward: 5 Simoleons

  • Build the Sea Voyage Ship
    Caranya tap icon topical island yang ada di pojok kiri atas, lalu pilih "BUILD BOAT". Atau bisa langsung ke map dan tap dermaganya lalu tap tombol "Build".
    Reward: 5 Simoleons
  • Visit the Tropical Romance Island
    Tap dermaganya untuk pergi ke Tropical Romance Island.
    Reward: 5 Simoleons
  • Unlock the Ultimate Relaxation Pack
    Kembali ke rumah. Petik lagi pisang dari pohon pisang sampai Ultimate Relaxation Pack terbuka. - 4 jam 30 menit per petik. Dibutuhkan sekitar 4x petik.
    Reward: 200 Simoleons

  • Use the Event Spin Flower
    Beli dulu Coin Flower Patch dari Home Store di bagian "Event Items". Tap Coin Flower Patch-nya dan pilih Spin Flower.
    Reward: 5 Simoleons
  • Collect Bonuses
    Petik lagi buah pisangnya, biarkan sampai muncul icon buah di atas kepala Sim (sekitar 45 menit). Begitu muncul tap!
    Catatan: Kamu tidak perlu mengawasinya sampai icon buah muncul. Kamu bisa menutup freeplaynya lalu buka lagi setelah beberapa menit.

    Reward: 16 Simoleons
  • Continue Collecting Fruits
    Kumpulkan lagi buahnya sampai batas waktu yang ditentukan untuk membuka reward-reward dari Community Progress. Cepat atau lambatnya progress dari Community tergantung dari kontribusi dari pemain The Sims FreePlay di seluruh dunia. Selain untuk berkontribusi, buah juga diperlukan untuk membangun spot-spot di Tropical Romance Island.
    Tips: Kamu bisa beli beberapa pohon buah (saat ini maksimal 4 pohon) dan memetik buah sampai 4 Sim dalam 1 lot untuk mempercepat progressnya. Buah-buahan dibutuhkan untuk membuka spot-spot di Tropical Romance Island.

    Jika buah naga sudah terbuka, kamu bisa menambahkan 3 pohon buah naga untuk memanen buah lebih banyak. Kini kamu dapat menggunakan hingga 7 Sim untuk mengumpulkan buah. Jangan lupa sering-sering cek Personal Progress-nya

    Jika kamu sudah membuka pohon nanas, segera beli dari Home Store. Maksimal 2. Kini kamu dapat menggunakan 9 Sim untuk mengumpulkan buah.

    Setelah pohon markisa terbuka, segera beli. Pohon markisa dapat ditambahkan hingga 2 pohon. Segera kumpulkan buah markisa untuk membuka spot lainnya di Tropical Romance Island.
    Terus kumpulkan buahnya sampai semua reward dari Personal Progress didapatkan. Kumpulkan buahnya sampai semua buah yang diperlukan untuk membangun romance spots di Pulau terkumpul. Ada beberapa spot yang memerlukan construction coin. Kamu bisa mendapatkannya dengan spin Event Spin Flower. Construction Coin akan kamu dapat ketika kamu dapat jackpot.

Begitu bahan sudah terkumpul kamu dapat membangun spot-spot di pulau tropis. Lamanya pembangunan bervariasi. Berikut lamanya pembangunan tiap spot:
  • Coastal Dining: 1 jam
  • Sun Bath Beach: 2 jam
  • Beach Volleyball: 4 jam
  • Suncoast Bar: 6 jam
  • Mermaid Reef: 8 jam
  • Sea View Bungalow: ??? (mohon maaf kami tidak sempat catat waktunya)
  • Wedding Coast Venue: 9 jam

Nah, selamat mengumpulkan sampai Tropical Romance Island kalian bangun sepenuhnya :)

The Sims FreePlay: VIP 13 Exclusive Clothes - City Smart Styles

The Sims FreePlay: VIP 9 Exclusive Clothes - Hip Hop Threads