Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Sims 4: New Update! (21/04/2016)

Update: 04/21/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Greetings Simmers, Community, and folks just tuning in!

Odd behaviors, issues of community concern addressed!
NPCs come and go!
Bad puns continue!
Queuing interactions on the hour… this is W-GURU, release information and random banter, signing on.

Our lead story tonight? We have to say goodbye to our very own Jasmine Holiday. Jasmine has been with W-GURU for about a month, and has done a terrific job. We are sad to see her go, but hopefully Jasmine will come and visit us again sometime soon!
Until next time Jasmine, we wish you well in all your endeavors.

But fear not friends, Jasmine is not taking any of the goodies you got from her challenge! Keep on planting, and glow your Growfruit, admire your eggs, and hug that bunny with great satisfaction at a job well done!*
*acquisition of super fertilizer, and purchase of Growfruits from Jasmine, will no longer be available.

Hey, who’s that walking through the door? It’s… oh… it’s him (or her) the Tragic Clown, and he’s… I’m feeling a little down right now.
He’s probably brought an outfit, sigh, that you can find in Create a Sim. And… oh just don’t look at the painting. He’s so sad… why does he even try to juggle? How do I get him to go awa… oh there, oh good, he’s gone.

Ok. Where was I? Back on schedule…

…General Issue segment
  • Sims will again be able to synthesize serums at the Chemistry Table…
    • Serums have long held the belief that syn-thesis is merely an immoral theory, and as such fled at the thought. Scientists have spent many hours reassuring the serums that their belief is just a bad pun.
  • Sims should no longer sit down at a pool when asked to put food away in the fridge.
    • Reports have indicated that refrigerators harbor jealousy towards the pools carrying capacity, and water processing capabilities. Sims have been asked to ensure they think about the feelings of all parties involved when deciding where to put away their foods.
  • Growfruit, used as a fertilizer, now hellishly better than before!
    • Intentions being good, do not always pave as meant to.
  • Custom music now plays as expected on all venue speakers!
    • Local DJs rejoice as they are once again free to play their music selections for all Sim-kind. Avant-garde, the Ballads, and Calypso… the Xoomii, Yodeling, and Zydeco! Styles to suit the needs of all playing issue free!
  • Previously addressed issue of Sims going to Painter and Tech Guru careers wearing face makeup, is now also addressed for all Sims saved prior to the introduction of the original issue.
    • Full face makeup has been known to cause temporary facial discoloration due to the application of color, and identification issues for the identifier, as well as prolonged restroom cleaning practices when de-applying the full face makeup.
  • Stacked rugs will remain in their stacked order after the lot has been saved to the Gallery. Issue may still persist with rooms saved to the Gallery.
    • A general malaise has been reported as the looming rug stacking competition is a mere millennia away. Front runners hopes are in knots, as they attempt to stitch together a plan for the up and coming event.

…MAC Issue segment
  • Having more than 2001 mods installed will no longer hinder your ability to connect to the Gallery!
    • Engineer Hal reports “it was an odyssey, finding space and time to address this issue.” He was also quoted as saying “[It was a] journey of monumental proportions. We beat the ground repeatedly trying to figure things out.” And though we can’t directly quote him, it was reported that he declared the engineering group to be “...full of stars…” Others however discount the quote, saying he never actually said that, but that it may have been in an email.
  • The finder bar will no longer appear when edge scrolling at the top edge.
    • Scrollers have reported that scrolling scrolls as well as ever. No longer are they finding the finder’s lack of a fix found, to impede with their scrolling. We at W-GURU can only hope that all edge cases of the top edge’s edge scrolling are edged out.

Until next time, this is SimGuruGnome signing off.

[cue up the music]
[begin shutdown sequence]
[fade to black]

The Sims 4 News: Look Out for the Tragic Clown

By SimGuruGnome

We're Sorry

This is awkward. We wanted to add a new feature to The Sims 4 to make your Sims happier so we made a clown, but there seems to have been some sort of accident. Clowns are supposed to make people smile, right? Well, not this clown. This clown only makes people sad. It’s tragic, really. And totally accidental…

Just kidding. We made this clown bad at clowning around intentionally! Fans of the original The Sims might remember the classic Tragic Clown, a character that walked around making everyone miserable. The loveable(?) character is now back, free* in The Sims 4. If that doesn’t make you happy… well, the clown isn’t going to either. The Tragic Clown only makes Sims sad.

The Tragic Clown will be appearing around the world if you download the latest update to The Sims 4, so you’ll never know when this sad soul will show up and botch a juggling attempt. You can also summon him (or her, catastrophic tomfoolery is equal opportunity,) by viewing the Tragic Clown 

Painting, or you can even dress up in the Tragic Clown outfit if you want your Sim to be the bearer of bad fun. We’re excited to see how much your Sim loves this new addition to the game!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Sims 4: Upcoming Content Pack Trailer

So, in the next couple months, The Sims team will be released 2 packs. 1 game pack and 1 stuff pack. Are you excited??

Video by SimsVIP

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Sims 4 Screenshot Tips: How to Take Better Pictures of Your Sims

It’s a Snap!

Have you ever taken a screenshot while playing The Sims 4? Did it come out as good as you wanted? It’s fine if it didn’t! Taking good screenshots is a lot harder than hitting “Print Screen” and moving on. When we take the screenshots of The Sims 4 you see on our website, we put a lot of time into them, and consider everything from the storytelling to the composition and lighting. 

If you want to take your The Sims 4 screens to the next level, we’ve put together some tips you can follow along with!

Decide on a subject. What is the focus of your screenshot? What story are you trying to tell? Whether it’s your hilarious Sim or a really fun animation, give yourself a direction to help focus the design of your shot around that particular subject. For this exercise, I want to show my Sim cooking.

QUICK TIP: If a Building or Lot is your subject, build out neighboring Lots and fill with Sims to give it some life.

Find the moment. This may be the most important tip. Find the exact frame you want to capture and build your shot around that. Play through the interaction a few times to get a sense of the animation. Pause the game to look at various frames in more detail and from multiple angles. Repeat until you find… The moment. Bingo!

Position your Camera. You’re going to need to get your camera into the perfect position. Luckily, there are a bunch of hotkeys for Camera Controls that might make that easier. Here are some to get started:
  • [tab] key = “Free Camera Mode”
  • [w, a, s, d, q, e] = Moves your camera
  • [z & x] = Zoom
  • [ctrl] + [5, 6, 7, 8, or 9] = Saves your camera positions
  • [5, 6, 7, 8, or 9] = Recalls your saved positions
  • [c] = captures and saves a screenshot

QUICK TIP: Search “Photography Composition Rules” online for some good techniques.

Consider time of day. Whether you’re outside or in a room with no windows, the time of day doesn’t just affect the lighting of your shot. A shadow can provide texture to an open area off lot. Earlier morning sunlight can drape over the carpet of your living room. Most importantly, it adds context to your story. 

Toss in clutter items. It’s all about the details. Clutter items can help make a set feel lived in and give your Sims some ownership to the space.

QUICK TIP: Every wall is an opportunity, not a Garage Sale. Simplify your shot to keep the viewer focused on your subject.

Light your Sims. Have your scene set? All filled with the right objects? Sim in the right pose? Cool, now you can start lighting. The focus of my screenshot is my Sim. So I want to start lighting him before I light the rest of the scene. Try not to think of lighting a room, but rather where you want to draw the eye of the viewer. With too many lights, a scene loses depth and begins looking evenly lit and flat.

QUICK TIP: TheLamp Named Claudine” is great for lighting Sims without completely affecting the rest of your scene. 

Add final polish. Minor adjustments to lighting, color and object placement. Consider using thought balloons to show what your Sim is thinking. The community has a collection online.

QUICK TIP: Keep walls up when taking screenshots.

And that’s it! Follow these tips, and you’re well on your way to taking better screenshots of your Sims.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Sims 4: SimGuruDrake Official Statement

Finally! SimGuruDrake gave us an official statement about "latest information" that we've heard lately :D

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hidden Hint From SimGuruTrev!

And again, SimGuruTrev give us a hint for next Pack!!! Could you guess what it is???? ;)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

SimGuru Spotlight: SimGuruJill

Meet Jill!

Want to know more about the fine people working on The Sims 4? Good news! We’re starting up a new series: SimGuru Spotlights, where we talk to a different member of The Sims Studio and ask them to answer questions about their life, their passions, and, most importantly, their favorite ice cream flavor.

Let's Chat With SimGuruJill!

Can you give a brief introduction to yourself? My name’s Jill Johnson or you might know me as SimGuruJill. I’ll also respond to “Johnson”, “Tronson”, “Bubby”, “Jilly”, “Jillary”, or even “Jillian” (which is my actual real name). I’m a Producer on The Sims 4 and have been a lucky member of The Sims family for almost 10 years now. I started out by working all three MySims games before The Sims Medieval and then ultimately joining The Sims 4 team to help build up our new Create-a-Sim. Most recently I had the pleasure of Producing the lovely world of Windenburg for The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack!

What do you do on The Sims 4? One of the coolest things about being a producer is just how many different people and disciplines I get to engage with in just a single day. While about half of the time it might be conversations about open questions or bugs or status updates yadda yaddda, it’s most amazing when I get called over to see a quick animation playblast, sneak a peek at a fabulous new concept sketch, or I get to see a feature starting to come together and work at someone’s desk for the first time. It’s cool to see firsthand what a labor of love The Sims is, and watch it evolve from a concept on a piece of paper to a full-on experience.

What’s the best thing about being a SimGuru? Hands down, my favorite thing about being a SimGuru is when I get to meet our players. You’re all such a refreshing breath of air and I love the energy and the feedback we get from friends that love this game just as much as we do!

What do you love most about The Sims franchise? I can’t stop falling in love with my little people in the game, all day every day. Whether I’m playing for fun or just doing my standard day-to-day testing, I always need to click randomize a few times in Create-A-Sim before I leave - just to make sure I’ve got someone new that makes me laugh and makes me happy. Sometimes when I find they’ve been running around and doing things without me (like when I come sit back down and my guy is absolutely miserable and soaking in pee with a burning stove because I left him alone on a lot with no toilet), I’ll start yelling things at my screen like “oh no, I’m sorry I’m sorry don’t die!” while I quickly try and save him. I want to take care of my little virtual buddies.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Can I pick three? I’m torn between rose ice cream, garlic ice cream, and black pepper ice cream. I love the unexpected flavors that make you go hmmm at first but then are surprisingly tasty.

Are there any SimGurus you want to read more about? Let us know, and they might be the star of the next SimGuru Spotlight.